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Self Analysis of Personality Essay Sample

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Self Analysis of Personality Essay Sample

At some point in time every person looks towards himself and assesses his or her personality. This is my chance, as I give a clear view of my personality. For me personality is what makes a person unique from others, and his behavior in dealing situations are defined by his trait (Lahey, 462). I will be discussing the many ways in which my personality has shaped over time. I hereby also insist that it is important for every person to asses his personality in order to better understand himself, and also so that he can co exist in the society with other unique personalities. Importance of assessing

I feel it’s very important for me to asses my personality. As a person with clear knowledge of himself, I can make much wiser decisions about myself, decisions which I can feel confident of. As man is a social animal he comes across thousand of people through out his life, each with a unique characteristic. There characteristics also shape their views of what they think of other people (Lahey, 462), for example a person with a suspicious personality will be too cautious in meeting people and may not trust them easily, this may cause problem for you if you have a more trustful image in your head about people.

So this is how conflicts are created and this is how it gets hard for people with fairly different traits to co-exist together. So I should be aware of my personality, my plus points and negative ones, my preference of personalities which I look in others, and with whom I feel I have a match. Assessment of your personality also helps you adjust at work, as you know what will bother you and may avoid it or may work towards rectifying it.

You may have a disruptive personality, and it may be difficult for you to adjust in that working environment, you will not work towards rectifying it unless you see this as a problem, and this is why self assessment helps. Personality traits Self assessment of my personality would have been difficult if the five- personality traits were not there. If I take a sheet of paper and start ticking the boxes in which I fall, namely Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism (Lahey, 464), I would come somewhere in between extraversion and agreeableness, though I would lean towards extraversion more.

Extraversion best describes me, as I have an energetic approach. Energy is what defines me, I like doing things quickly, and I don’t like to be stuck in a situation for long. As an extraversion you seek the company of others, and this is why it feels hard to say no to a friend. Although I would like to highlight that this has also caused problems for me. People seeing my personality tend to take advantage of it, as it feels hard to turn down their requests for help, furthermore I sometimes neglect my family too in this process.

The other problem I face bearing an extraversion personality is my habit of rushing things, it actually costs me more time then what I expect I will save when doing some work in a rush. Time and time again I’ve been advised by people to take things slowly, maybe this is one reason that I trust people too early, eventually paying a price for that. Apart from this I also do believe that having a personality which has instilled cooperativeness in me makes people around me comfortable, they see me as a team player.

The reward for my trust in people is that they are open to me in return and see me as a person who will help, which I truly cherish. Gender and social experience Gender is also what is widely seen as a major role player in your personality shaping. Males have a tendency of having a strong masculine personality, where as girls have a gentle, delicate personality. This is more enforced by your upbringing, when a boy idolizes his dad and a girl idolizes her mother (Saxena). An infant’s personality is shaped first by his or her mother, as her affection towards the infant builds a sense of security (Saxena).

I deeply respect my mother for this, although as a boy I was more inclined towards my father, I agree that a mother is the very first one which influenced my personality. My father then helped me build other aspects of my personality, he emphasized on being determined, work with diligence and being fair. This helped me look at life with open eyes as I had my first lesson to be successful. Personality is also influenced by heredity; I believe my anger has been passed on by my grand father and father. This is a negative bloke on my personality, my sudden rush of anger.

Social class also pays an important role on your Personality, I belonging to a middle class family has been encouraged to create a sense of self-direction. I’ve been encouraged by my family to make my own decisions and this motivates me as I know that I am responsible for my own well being, and due to this I see failure as my own fault. I can not blame it on others; this has advantages and disadvantages both. The advantage is that each failure makes me more determined to be successful the next time, whereas the disadvantage is that I become overcautious and fear failure.

Sometimes it also burden’s me that I not only have to make decisions right for myself but also for others involved, this adds extra pressure. Then I would discuss the influence of peer groups on my personality. The very first interaction with my peer group taught me to take turns while playing, wait for my turn and adjust with others around me. Then in a mature age I learned that to be successful at your job or institution I have to work as a team, and learn to co exist with others. This created a sense of belonging in me with my social group. Long term self improvement

Discussing my personality is not the only major factor but also my long term goal to improve even further and eradicate what I or others see as negative in me. First of all is my anger, which also relates to my abrupt behavior. Controlling this will make me even more comfortable in my social circle. Also my tendency of getting disturbed very quickly, this hinders my concentration and affects my mood. If I can rectify this and other problems which my personality faces than I will see it as a job well done, but as George Orwell has said “The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection. ”

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