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Self Assessment of Learning Essay Sample

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Self Assessment of Learning Essay Sample

Self assessment of learning is a process where an individual is able to assess himself/herself on what issues of importance that the person has learnt in the course of learning and if what the person has learnt can influence and others, society and the world in order to improve better their performance and that of others that they are living with. It also is about carrying out a self evaluation exercise using a checklist to find out whether an individual has been able to attain certain set individual targets within a specific period of time.

The self assessment of learning is regarded as the key to professional for the teachers. They have to observe the learning, then analyze and interpret the evidence of learning and finally give feedback to the learners and support them in self assessment. Assessment of learning develops the learner’s capacity of self assessment so that they maybe become self managing and reflective. It helps them to engage in self reflection and at the same time identifying the next steps in their learning.

The assessment is meant to find out where one has excelled and made some remarkable improvement and where one has backslided or not made any progress or improvement so that strategies can be laid to make the necessary adjustments. Some people tend to evaluate themselves on the achievements they have so far made not knowing that the failures are the major catalysts to making major improvements resulting to success and excellence in delivery of services Organization behavior concepts are about the study of human behavior, change, leadership and teams, attitudes, individual differences and the performance in organizational settings.

The assessment for learning must take into account the importance of the learner motivation through critically emphasizing the progress and achievement rather then the failure. It can also lead to them withdrawing fro the process of learning in areas where they have not preformed better. Motivation can be enhanced by assessing the methods that protects the learners autonomy, which provides some choices and positive feedback that creates an opportunity for self-direction.

The assessment promotes commitment to learning and the shared understanding of the criteria in which they are being assessed. The learners must first understand what they are trying to achieve and then identify the criteria for assessing their progress The Jesuit values include leadership, service, justice, community, diversity, integrity and the focus on the whole person. These values are meant to build up a person to be a responsible, moral, instill discipline and fear of God to the person.

They also have a distinctive way of looking at life. The values are meant to prepare people to undertake all the challenges that are ahead of them. They will have gained the necessary skills in that they will be able to relate and work anywhere and be able to mix freely with other people not only their families and fiends. The Jesuit values enables people to be able to rectify where they have gone wrong and change. They are for the well being of the people as the teachings are based on the bible.

Once the people or the learner has been able to carry out the self assessment, he/she is able to understand who he/she is, why he/she is performing that way and then be able to lay strategies on what can be improve upon and what needs to be done away with. People should be in a position of assessing themselves before others; the society and the world assess them. They should be able to build upon their good morals, ethical leadership, which is about practicing and following good leadership practices, practicing social justice which is doing good to the people who need help and service to the others.

During the self assessment learning process, the learners should receive the constructive guidance on how to improve and these could include identifying the learners strength and advising on how to develop them, show them their weaknesses and how the weakness might be addressed and providing the opportunities for the learners to improve upon in their work. It should also recognize the full range of the achievements of all the learners. This is meant to enhance the learner’s opportunities to be able to learn I all the areas of the educational activity and to achieve their best and to have their best efforts recognized

In some instances where people made worst decisions in the past and were judged badly, they must not repeat the same. And if they made the right decisions and were appreciated and complimented by the rest of the team members, they need to repeat the same but be very careful, thoughtful and consultative before coming into a conclusion. The course is very interesting because it is about learning the human behavior and how people should relate to each other. The aspects of the courses that could be followed upon is as to find out why people behave the way they are behaving and what are the contributing factors to those unique behaviors.

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