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The current degree I am seeking through my studies is Education. It is my hope that I may one day be able to teach English overseas in countries like South Korea and Japan. However, the career I desire most is writing. I love to write novels, scripts for movies and video game storyboards in my spare time. Becoming a published author one day would be a dream come true. Currently, I plan on finishing all four years of my studies at this university. This spring semester is my very first semester of college ever and so far I am enjoying it very much.

I have never used Modern Language Association format for papers and documentation, but I am very open to new styles of writing. As such, research is something that doesn’t really bother me. I love learning almost as much as I love writing. People who have read my novels and other works tell me that I have a very visual style of writing. The words I weave together seem to make it easy for others to picture things in their minds. I hope that my ability and experience in writing proves to be a great asset in this class.

As far as my writing goes, the only negative remarks I’ve received lately is that my hand writing is rather poor. Some also say that my writing is small and hard to read. I typically use computers to write due to this. My hand writing has proven to be something of a bad habit that I find difficult to break. Perhaps more hand written assignments in this class could help improve on my style and clarity of writing.

My personal goal for this class is to learn better writing techniques, or even improve on my sentence fluency and structure. I may have more writing experience than typical college students, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have room for more improvement. With each paragraph I write I learn more and build even more experience in this skill. I’m always improving and I’m not perfect, but hopefully this college course can be one of many that helps make me more proficient than before. With that in mind, I hope that my hard effort and determination will help me achieve the A plus grade I strive for.

I currently take four classes here, including this one. I am not yet aware of whether or not my writing skills will come into play at any point in my other classes. I definitely wouldn’t mind it if they were though. I love writing assignments and sharing my thoughts with others. For the foreseeable future I should not have any issues completing tasks and coming to class in a timely manner. School is currently my only and number one priority.

Earlier in this essay I stated that I enjoy sharing my opinion with people. I should really clarify which of my opinions I enjoy sharing. When it comes to things like my opinions on world events, war, education, and politics I find myself lacking in interpersonal dialogue. I simply just don’t care. I’m by no means using this as a way to cop out of doing this essay either. Instead I’ll just explain to you why I don’t care.

All the things I explained above, world events, war, education, politics; I just find them so uninteresting. I’m more of a dreamer. I love to create my own worlds filled with my own characters and then share it with others. It may sound distasteful to say I have no interest in this world, and that itself is an overstatement, but it merely boils down to me being more interested in my writing and fictional ideas. I don’t vote and I don’t care how any country is run, this includes education.

There are numerous ways to go about overseeing how education is run in a country. Make students take out loans to pay for expensive colleges that they have to pay back later, or do as other countries do and make college free. All those countries have to do is charge a higher tax rate on everything bought in the country. In the long run people there end up paying it all back in taxes. So who is to say if there is a perfect way to run it? I don’t know the answer and my opinion is irrelevant as I have none. I can still write freely and currently that is all I care about.

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