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Self-esteem, self-concept and self-efficacy all work together in influencing almost every part of a person’s life; social life, a person’s career, romantic relationships, physical appearance, mental health and etc. The distinction between the three is; self-esteem is what a person’s feels about oneself; having the experience of feeling capable to deal with everyday challenges of life. Whereas a person’s self-concept is what one thinks about his or her self. A person’s self-efficacy is having confidence in one’s ability to complete a task successfully. When a person’s self-efficacy is positively high, they have the ability to do what is apt or essential to accomplish goals and/or complete tasks’ adequately.

People with high self-esteem have a positive feeling of self-worth, which positively influences their self-concept of one’s self. The case scenario presents an office worker, Pat, who finds it difficult to join in on conversations around the coffee machine at work. Pat doubts that he can build friendships between him and his co-workers. He feels as if he does not have much in common with them at all. Although Pat has a desire to develop a friendship with a fellow co-worker, Chris, he is still hesitant to spark any type of conversation with him at all. Furthermore, Pat goes home feeling alone and isolated.

Pats self-efficacy and self-esteem has a big impact on his ability to develop friendships with his co-workers. Pat lacks the confidence in his skills to relate to other employees. His self-doubts cause him to have a low self-esteem it also causes him to underestimate his co-workers abilities to relate to him.

To help eliminate Pats issues, there are three strategies that Pat could use to enhance his self-esteem and self-efficacy. The first strategy that he could use is modeling the behavior of other co-workers that show higher levels of self-esteem. This would give off the image to other employees that he has high self-esteem. Another strategy is, behaving as if he feels confident; changing his behavior would change his attitude around his co-workers making it easier for the other employees to approach him or to even initiate a conversation with him. This could also improve his self-esteem and efficacy. Positive visual imagery would also be another strategy to boost his self-efficacy. If Pat pictured himself caring a conversation with other employees at work, it would help him appear confident due to the mental rehearsal, helping him prepare for the exchange of words with other employees. One thing Pat should avoid is becoming over confident. It could possibly be more of a hindrance than help with build friendships; it would present him as an arrogant knows it all to the other employees.

Overall, if Pat were to take the appropriate measures to boost his self-esteem he would develop a more positive self-concept about himself. In addition, having a high self-efficacy would give Pat the self-confidence to take the initiative to join in on conversations at work and to develop friendships with other employees.

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