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Based on the essay “Selling and Minnesota” I believe that low paying jobs have a negative effect on a person’s personality. In addition, I think that low paying job is an opportunity, on the other hand a barrier of achieving success and a finer future. Mostly, low paying jobs is an opportunity for teenagers. In the U.S, teenagers could start working at the age sixteen, so I think it’s really fantastic that you don’t need to depend on your parents for everything, and you can even help them financially. At the same time, low paying jobs could be a burden, it could stop you from accomplishing your dreams and goals, and also from a successful life.

I believe that low paying jobs have a negative effect on someone’s personality. From what I understand in the essay “Selling in Minnesota” Barbara’s job as a Retail Associate at Wal-Mart has a huge effect on her identity. In the essay, she talks about a lady that she met one night after her last break, she says that she was upset to find her folding T-shirts in her turtlenecks area. When her turtlenecks’ intruder reprimand her for not putting a shirt in the right place and asking her if she’s checking the UPC numbers, she says:” So I say, only without the numerals or the forbidden curse word, that (1) plenty of other people work here during the day, not to mention all the customers coming through, so why is she blaming me? (2) it’s after 10:00 and I’ve got another cart full of returns to go, and wouldn’t it make more sense if we both worked on the carts, instead of zoning the goddamn T-shirts.” She feels that the lady is blaming her for something unimportant and it would be better if she helps with the carts, but I think that was an unnecessary response, even if the new lady was wrong. And it got even worse when she says:” Am I turning mean here, and is that a normal response to the end of a nine-hour shift?” Clearly, she was mean to her intruder, but she didn’t know, that’s why she’s asking herself this question.

She was wondering if it’s was a typical response. As a reader, I think it’s the fact that her job is very stressing, she stopped being herself and snapped on her intruder. In addition, Barbara also talks about a guy she saw that night, who answers the phone at the counter at night. She describes the guy when she says: “a pensive young fellow in a wheelchair, starting into space, looking even sadder than usual.” She continues:” And my uncensored thought was, at least you get to sit down.” That’s when she started to realize that she wasn’t herself, at the end of the essay she says:” This is not me, at least not any version of me I’d like to spend much time with. What I have to face is that “Barb”, the name on my ID tag, is not exactly the same person as Barbara” That shows that she was turning into someone else she did not love, like she says the name on her Id tag Barb. At last she mentions: “So, it’s interesting, and more than a little disturbing, to see how barb turned out, that she’s meaner and slyer than I am, more cherishing of grudges, and not quite as smart as I’d hoped.” That shows how her personality and her attitudes changes and how her job had a negative effect on her life. From Barbara’s experience, I learn that low paying jobs could be very stressful that it cans even change who you are.

In my opinion, I consider low paying jobs as a wall from achieving success, it’s effortless to have one, It’s does not require an higher education to obtain, anyone with or without a high school diploma could have these types of jobs. In the essay “Selling in Minnesota” I observe that Barbara was unhappy with her job as a Retail Associates at Wal-Mart. First they changed her shift hours without knowing, it seems there’s a lack of respect and communications between the managers and the employees. She seems very depressed when she says: “But then somewhere around 6:00 or 7:00, when the desire to sit down becomes a serious craving, a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde transformation sets in”. It means that she hates the fact that she’s suffering to sit down and it’s just feels like a torture. And she continues: “I cannot ignore the fact that it’s the customer’s sloppiness and idle whims that make me bend and crouch and run. They are the shoppers, I am the antishopper, whose goal is to make it look as if they’d never been in the store. At this point “aggressive hospitality “gives way to aggressive hostility”. She was complaining about the customers, and starting to have a feeling of resentment toward the customers. Many teenagers with or without a high school diploma are mistaken, they usually think they can depend on these types of jobs in the future, some don’t even go to school because they have a full-time job and they only making $200 per week.

They believe this job could provide with all theirs needs in the future. Based on Barbara‘s experience, it shows that they are making a huge mistake, not only they will have a miserable job for the rest of their life, but from what I believe, it will stop them from having a better future .For instance, My best friend, Monique graduated from high school with a diploma . She started going to college after graduation. She’s such an educated and intelligent young lady. She was motivated to accomplish her dreams and to get a higher education, I looked up to her, and she was a role model to me. Later she got a part-time job as a Sales Associate at Victoria’s Secret with a salary of $9 per week. Unfortunately, all her hard work comes to an end when she gave up on her education and her dreams. She stopped going to school, so she could work as full-time Sales Associate. It’s seem nobody could have changed her mind, when I asked her why she stopped going to school, her response was: “what’s the point of wasting my time going to school if I’m making good money now”. I was shockingly disappointed and very surprised that my friend I used to look up to said something like that. I couldn’t believe it, but it was real.

Money could change people and makes them forget about who they are, she though that this job could provide her in the future but she was wrong , after 4 years she finally realize that she made an enormous mistake and regretted that she stopped going to school. Although, she starts going to school now, but I think it’s too late, she could have been done with school and have a successful job and a better life by now. Believe it or not, it happens, many teens drop out of college, of getting themselves a higher education for a meaningless job. Furthermore, low paying job is an opportunity. Most people with these jobs did not graduate college or do not have a career. Although it’s not a successful job, but I consider it as second chance to earn a living, it wouldn’t be right if everybody was successful and had a good job. Also, I personally think that the ability to learn is a gift and everyone does not have this gift, so there have to be people doing those low paying jobs. Most teens could benefit from these types of jobs. It will teach them how to be responsible. It could provide them with such great skills such as communicational and organizational skills. Also, they will gain experience that could really benefit them later in life.

Most importantly, many teens have a job to support their family. That’s another opportunity, usually when your parents don’t have a decent job and they really need a hand financially. My older brother and I could relate to this situation, I live with my mom and my two brothers. My mom is the only parent I have, she had to work two jobs to take care of us, to fulfill us with our wants and needs. Even though she was working two full-time jobs, it was not enough to support us, to take care of all the bills. She always does her best and she worked really hard, her jobs were harder and more stressful than those low paying jobs. Until my brother and I were old enough to work, it was a relief for my mom because now that we were able to help her, she does not have to work two full-time jobs anymore. We help with rents and the bills; it was really a great thing. I was so happy that my mom could finally rest and have a much easier life. From my experience, I believe that low paying is an opportunity, you can benefit so much. You can help your parents financially if they in the need for it. Also, it gives you an idea of how it is in the real world and you could gain plenty of important and useful skills.

In conclusion, Low paying jobs could be an advantage or a disadvantage. It could change your personality, who you are, not to make you a better person but a terrible and meaner one. The essay “Selling in Minnesota “can perfectly relate to my opinion on low paying jobs. It shows how the author’s life changes completely when she started working at Wal-Mart, how her job had a huge negative effect on her personality, and how she became an awful person. In addition, based on my friend’s experience I believe low paying jobs is a barrier from achieving success however, an opportunity for many teens. In my opinion, having a low paying job can benefit you; however, it can cost you.

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