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The seminar that the class attend pertain to the idea of becoming more than what one’s situation can perceive. The audience was a collective body of graduate students who, currently, are seeking success in the avenues that each wishes to pursue. The three guest speakers help give light and knowledge on the task that each student will or might have to possible face as they undergo their path to success. The speakers spoke about the opportunities and obstacles that might challenge the student and gave feasible explanation towards the accountability of the outcome. The first speaker, spoke about how he obtain his PhD and choose a different path which lead he to the conclusion of being humble and seeking the opportunity that was placed before him. He addressed how the differences between how one can change in their opinion to be enhance their attributes, even though, they choose another path. He broke down how it does not matter about the opposition but rather the commitment one wish to engage to conqueror their goals. Second speaker, was a man who decided to pursue a career in law enforcement. The tactics that he spoke upon were the issues that cause him to realize and understand that were he stood in his life and wanted to change his future.

Summarizing what he discussed seemed to be, overtime; one can rise above what is expected and turn time into opportunity. The message that this speaker wish to convey focus on how to climb ladders of an organization, and then lead by example, for which, he was usually the only officer of color to have hierarchy in the ranks of command. The final speaker was a man who became a civil case lawyer, who realizes that he was blessed to have academic incline parents that help him achieve a foundation to reach his desired goals. Once again, being an only person of color to prevail, wanted to knowledge that everyone does not have his situation. He focused o n how to turn the wrong turn into opportunity and how one should embellish within their strengths to enhance their abilities to be prosperous. The problems most people deal with when wanting to success, comes from own self doubt. The time that one takes into oneself can and only should encourage that person seeking better opportunity in a positive manner. In conclusion, the speakers wanted to bring a more ambiguous and ambitious spirits towards what the future can possible hold for each individual.

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