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The aspect of politics is mainly based on the ability of the people to denounce and convince other regarding the truth of events and cycles in life affecting their judgment and opinion regarding their environment and their community. Through employing the ability of each individual to reason, deduct, and express opinion, they are able to affect and influence the public in terms of their logical perception and decision-making In this aspect, people are able to lead the masses towards the common aim which benefit equally the population.

Employing this particular political system, the community is able to establish an organized process of pursuing the matters of common interest and benefit as effected by the influence of power. On the other hand, as Senator Obama has expressed, religion is implemented and is established based on the obedience and faith of the society towards the ultimate being, which embodies the common interest and the greater good. The systematic process of religion establishes rules and regulations based on the guidelines of the primary subject and are empowered with the people for them to adhere with strictly. The things God edicts become the rules and foundation of the religion and are implemented in its organized approach.

            Most people in the present view the approach of the religion to be sublime as the said aspect employs strict adherence and obedience negating without rooms for compromise. Religion indeed requires strict commitment and obedience particularly on the relationship of each individual with God as the embodiment of greatest good and best interest. Due to this nature, most people see this characteristic to be a dangerous aspect. However, the strict obedience required by religion to each of its followers and the society believing in its principle is radiated from the inside. The faith and obedience implemented in religion are founded through affecting and influencing first the faith and belief of its subject. As a person is moved towards the teaching and faithful doctrine of his/her religion, he or she is compelled to follow strictly their teachings as part of his or her free will.

Considering the subject of compromise in the nature of religion, this characteristic likewise exist in this aspect however, it is only judged based on the view and opinion of each person. The nature of adherence that each individual manifest in the aspect of religion is based on the individual’s conscience and view wherein the person applies their rules on accordance to how his or her conscience and will dictate. The rules that each religious doctrines establish exist as guidelines for its people, which trains the people’s conscience in adhering with the nature of its truth. In the aspect of religion, the implementation of its rule is influenced by the conscience and will of each individual wherein each person is accountable and is responsible for his or her personal actions and decision.

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