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Jay Wilds should be credited with the murder of Hae Min Lee. This is attributed to Jay’s testimony being everything that the State has on Adnan Syed, which, is a testimony that is saturated with inconsistencies and falsified information. This research project will examine Jay to the core by tapping into all the evidence found in this case as well as referencing viable news articles ­ the argument that Mr. Wilds is responsible for the death of Hae Min Lee. The research project and its conclusion will analyze this murder­mystery from a different angle, pinning Jay as the killer and Jenn as a co­conspirator, and evaluating possible motives.

I chose this topic for a number of reasons. The first being my belief that Adnan Syed did not murder Hae Min Lee. I will link all my genres together based on this belief. The second reason why I picked Jay was because he was not analyzed on an in­depth level. One of my genres will include a test of Jay against the psychopathy test. I will point out the inconsistencies in Jay’s testimony and where most of the uncorroborated evidence lies. I will then begin to outline my theory that Jay was the one who committed this murder. Jay Wilds was the lead witness and testifier for the state of Maryland against Adnan Syed. What was mainly disappointing to realize was that Jay was not used in the proper way by the police.

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