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1.How do information technologies contribute to the business success of Sew What .Inc? Give several examples. The following are information technologies that contribute to the success of Sew What.

a)Computer software technology: Website

•For example, before they put up their website ( business was almost all local. Duckett admitted that business couldn’t grow optimally only by word of mouth without embracing technology. However, after launching website, they now have clients all over the world and their revenue grew 45% on the previous year’s sales. This shows that all growth came from web-driven sales. Sew What? has enjoyed explosive growth within 2005 and reaching $4 million per year in sales by the end of 2006. Company president Duckett credits much of her firm’s rapid growth to its ability to leverage information technology and the internet to drive sales. b)Computer hardware and data resource management technology •Running manufacture business requires lot of storage. For example, in addition to customer information and vital operational and financial files, they need to store thousands of drapery and fabric image files, customer instruction, document files, and other types of data. They use Intel Xeon processor and 146 gigabytes of disk storage, supported by operating system installed on a Dell PowerEdge 860 server.

2.If you were a management consultant to Sew What. Inc, what would you advise Megan Duckett to do at this point to be even more successful in her business? What role of information technology plays in your proposal? I would like to advise Megan about benchmark. Megan can improve her business by comparing it with other similar kind of business, such as RoseBrand ( and NorthEast Stage ( As Sew What is a monopolist in the industry, it hardly got any competitors from different kind of firm. This means that Sew What should be more creative and innovative to do and improve their service, be better than others, also be more focused personally to the customers, so that Sew What can always get customers loyalty. Besides, she can be more successful with IT by managing and processing the inventory.

Duckett stated to add barcode system that can track the manufacturing process at the company’s warehouse, help them produce accurate price list for orders. This is a good idea to work efficiently and effectively. 3.How could the use of information technology help a small business you know be more successful? Provide several examples. The use of information technology helps a small business to be more successful. Recently, the most common use of information technology enables small business to market their products via online. This is due to almost all of the people are used to using devices such as cell phones, laptop, IPad, and BlackBerry, that enable to access the internet. The real example is online shop such as,, etc. Those websites provide people with simple way of transaction, and now they are rapidly developed through website and social media

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