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Sexual Essays


Should serious sex offenders be castrated?

Abstract Sexual aggression, though not new to the human society, has become a clear form of contemporary society’s illness and a major threat to human health in this era of numerous sexually transmitted diseases (STDS), including Aids. Legislators, psychiatrists and

Sexual Orientation and Religion

Abstract The introduction has the definition of the concept sexual orientation and the descriptions of the different types of sexual orientation. There is also background information on the issue of sexual orientation and religion. The paper is written in sections,

Sexual Harassment

Prohibited under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, sexual harassment is considered a specific form of sex-based discrimination. Specifically, the Act defines sexual harassment as consisting of “unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal

Sex and Relationship

A couple has a thousand reasons and one for staying together. This includes factors as good communication, quality time, deep foundation of friendship, and sexual compatibility. It is a common belief among romantic partners that an excellent sexual relationship is

Paraphilias Case

Paraphilias can be defined as sexual deviations that are composed of fantasies or sexual urges that are derived from certain objects, activities or situations. The constitution of “deviations” differs depending on the yardstick used. One basis is the statistical norm

Organizational Ethics Issues Resolution

Introduction          Many organizations around the world are facing many challenges such as standards and mandates as pertains addressing ethical issues with respect to value sustainability, performance objectives support, and organizational reputation protection. In the process they are building frameworks

Ending Sexual Prejudice through Sexual Variations

            According to British Medical Journal, sexual variation refers to observing sexual behavior from what is seen as normal in the society (Silva, 1999).  This results to the society developing value judgments that its members have to abide, and thus

Masochism Term

The term masochism is derived from an Austrian writer and journalist named Von Sacher-Masoch who lived from 1836 – 1895. In 1886, a German neurologist and psychiatrist Richard von Kraft-Ebing invented this term based on Sacher-Masoch sexual personalities. Kraft- Ebing

Premarital Sex

Premarital sex is sexual relationship between people who are unmarried. Even though premarital sex is illegal, it is still being practiced by some teenagers and students. There are frequent news on the newspaper and media’s of teenagers being caught of

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

I. Introduction “I was just kidding and she was laughing too.” We are all too familiar with this scenario – a simple joke, gesture, or nudge all in the innocence of fun. But is it simple, innocent or fun? The

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