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-Summer of 1819, Jessie’s moved to Prince Albert and started work at a hospital -Jessie’s mother did not like her relationship whit john but in Prince Albert she had little control over it -Jack told Jessie that his brother Alex had been killed in action and that his sister Isa had mysteriously died -Jack takes a position in Saskatoon in a new detachment

-Polly discovers a letter from Jessie to jack in a coat pocket -Polly confesses to Mrs. Wismer that she suspected, jack had a another girl -Polly confronts jack and he says he has in idea where Jessie got the idea that they were getting married. He will tell her that

Chap XV- Jessie

-Jessie desperately wants her mother’s approval before she marries john -Jack’s lack of divorce papers had made her suspicious, plus he had told Jessie’s father that his wife was dead -On July 10 jack says his brother was found alive and that he sent him 500$ – The marriage date changed constantly as jack did nit know what to do with Polly and Jessie was hesitant to go through whit it whit it without proof of jack’s divorce -Jessie’s parents also noticed jack was drinking

Chap XVL A decision reached

-Jack moves to Saskatoon on September 17, 1918, leaving Polly behind -September 15 Jessie pushes john for a final answer and a proof and a week later, he tells two of his men that he is getting married that weekend (Friday or sat) -Jack write Jessie that he is getting the marriage licence and will go look for rooms for them to stay, while they wait for a house to open up -The same night he wrote to Polly to tell her to pack up, they will leave their trunks in Regina until they are settled in Saskatoon -he will try to find a nice 3 rooms house near his work

-Asks her to take the train from Regina to colonsay and he will meet her there on Friday. They will go to humbo it and then on to Saskatoon later -Jack rents room for him and Jessie and somewhere he buys a shovel

Chap XVII red roses for Polly

-Polly packs up in Regina and withdraws $200 to take with her
-Mrs. Wismer wished her all the best
-Polly hopes her children will arrive before Christmas
-Polly buys a corsage at the train station and pins it on
– Jack buys a marriage licence at the jewellery store and he says his marital status is “single”
-Polly arrives in Saskatoon

Chap XVIII its getting dark

* Jack does not take Polly to the house and he has been drinking * -Just outside of Saskatoon, the car has a flat tire
* -Jack shoots a rabbit whit a shotgun and throws it in the car. Asks Polly to hold the gun besides her in case he wants to shoot some geese along the way * Jack suddenly announces they are making a stop in Blaine Lake so that they both can explain to Jessie that he is a married man with a pregnant wife. * Polly notice jack is driving slower and slower and they suddenly pull off the road, not far from a culvert * Jack gets out and shoots at geese

* When Polly gets back in the car, he raises the gun and shoots her in the face, head

Chap XIX it was an accident

-Jack is sick and panicky
-He spends 2 hours + digging and burying Polly under the culvert

Chap XX That damaged car
Burned down on me

-Jack’s car got stuck near the culvert when he tried to drive away too fast and he walks to a nearby house – He tells Isaac Newfeldt that his car started on fire (back of it) and tried to drive to a slough to find water to put it out -Isaac notices john’s clothes are dusty, his hands are shaking, one hand is bleeding and he is very nervous. He is also sick to his stomach -Isaac offers to help and asks where he was headed when it happened, Jack says he was following a lead on some army deserters hiding out up north of Blaine lake. -The car appears to be pretty burnt up and there is a suitcase spattered with something on the ground. – Boys were supposed to be helping Isaac with threshing stopped by -John keeps shovelling dirt on the tires (odd)

-He insists the fire started in the back due to an overfilled gas tank -Isaac and everyone else could tell most of the fire damage was at the front of the car but they figured john was a little intoxicated -One of the men notices shotgun shells, the shotgun and the red stuff on the suitcase -John says he shot some geese but they burnt up with the car-> the men doubt this too -John is still sick and pale even after breakfast with john Newfeldt and his family. -Isaac peters takes pictures of the car because the story is so strange -John Newfeldt and his children drive John Wilson to Blaine Lake. -The kids notice that the stuff on the suitcase looks like blood but John Wilson says it is just from the geese -John asks to be dropped off at the hotel, gives him $10 and gives him his shovel (I have no more use for it) -Alex Armstrong sees Jack walk into the lobby looking/smelling horrible and thinks it odd that Jacks takes a suitcase and a gun in the bathroom

Chap XXI- Till death do us part

-A pale John Wilson, young Jessie Patterson arrive at the Knox Presbyterian Church and the rev. Wylie Clark marries them -Unhappy Mrs. Patterson (Jessie mom) and Jessie’s brother are witnesses. -John’s hand shakes trough the whole ceremony


Chap XXII- A Full Weak

-Sunday night in October 1918, john Wilson goes to Eileen Wismer’s house and tells her Polly is sick and hurt from a bad car accident they had. -John asks for Polly’s mail and asks about a purses and brooch of hers -John and Jessie had married on Sunday on don Tues. Moved into rented rooms on 9th street. -John worries that someone who knew Polly might see the wedding announcement that was in the paper -John, Jessie and two of John’s men (Jim Matthews and James Martin) drive out to the culvert to try and pull out the car but can’t manage it -John sends a telegram to Scotland saying he and Polly found a house and asks for money. -He also sends one to Mrs. Wismer asking her to send Polly’s trunks to P.A -He fakes a telegram from Polly back to Mrs. Wismer.

Chap XXIII- Pale house, pale Rider

-Spanish flu epidemic hits Saskatoon
-The Wilson tried to avoid it by going out of town but 3 weeks after their wedding, Wilson caught it and Jessie fell sick soon after -Allison and john Patterson tried to look after them, but caught it themselves-> everyone survives -The was was over

Chap XXIV-I have not been good in my time

In a little more than a year and half, John Wilson hand fallen in love, suffered TB, lost his job, his wife arrive unexpectedly in Canada, started a new job, killed his wife, got married, survived the Spanish flu, and moved 4 times. It becomes clear from letters that john was collecting money on the side -Polly’s family in Scotland is very worried.

-Polly’s family has not heard from her in 2 months not like her -John writes a letter saying they are both very ill to her family and another to Mrs. Wismer, only he asks if she will let Polly stay whit her when she is well enough to travel to Regina. -Polly’s trunks are sittings in P.A and Ned stories that works at the Canadian National Railway express office gets annoyed and writes to Mrs. Wismer. -A month later, a post hear from “Polly” arrives saying she is sick with the flu and asks them to hold the trunks until she can call for them. Trunks moved into storage and no one would ask about them for a year -Wilson is beyond on his car payments and he says he had the flu and now TB and would be going to the fort San Sanatorium in Fort Qu’Appelle. Fort San had newer heard of him. John makes promises about the money. John is still drinking heavily; Polly’s family gores more worried.

CHAP XXV – Waiting

-Polly has not written 3 months
-No one in Polly’s family believes jack or the telegrams being sent but one comes saying they will be on their way home next week and ask for money -Wanting to believe the best, they started preparing for a happy reunion -January 6 he lists Polly as next of kin

-January 21 John and Jessie leave for Blaine more, AB. He leaves some trunks and his shotgun behind. -In feb, john is transferred to Vancouver
Mrs. Wismerand Mrs. Laing Friend of Polly discuss Polly one night. They too are worried and do not trust Jack. -Mrs. Laing wants to talk to Polly’s family,
-Mrs. Laing has heard that Polly was hurting a car accident but the family only thought she had been sick. -Polly’s family is even more worried.

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