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Shakespeare Play Essay Sample

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Shakespeare Play Essay Sample

Today we know more about Shakespeare than any other play writers of his time because of his mastering of English literature. However, today it is true to say that we have no record of what Shakespeare actually looked like.

William Shakespeare was born in Snitterfield, a small town in Stratford on April 23rd, 1564. At this town the youthful William spent his childhood in a leather merchant’s family until later on marrying an older woman by the name of Anne Hathaway.

Shakespeare was a Christian. Church records give evidence that he was baptised in a Holy Trinity Church on April 26, 1564 with the authority of his parents, John Shakespeare, Mary Arden. Very well known in the town and were mentioned as ‘gentlemen’ of the time.

Shakespeare’s father John had a large family of 10 children, William being the eldest. Two of them died at the date of their birth and one past away early in his existence, leaving him with seven.

Shakespeare lived a life full of excitement and some say he was lucky to be around at the right time when theatre plays were incredibly popular or Shakespeare might never had been heard of.

After a gigantic contribution to the world of literary by writing a grand total of thirty-seven of plays in Shakespeare’s life, although there is no exact record of his death but some say in assumption he died on April 23rd, 1616, from the cause of alcoholism. This is very remarkable, for if this is true he would have died on the same date as he was born.

Shakespeare was buried in a church place where he was born in the Chancel of Holy Trinity Church along side his wife Anna Hathaway who died about seven years after.

Shakespeare had an audience that were very assorted in terms of their social status, It was likely that nobles used the most expensive and preferred seats in the galleries and even on the stage itself and in the pit in front of the stage stood Elizabethan tradesmen also known as ‘groundlings.’

Shakespeare was not only a playwright he was an actor also. The name William Shakespeare comes up in some cast roles in Chamberlain’s Men acting company. But there has been no hard evidence that Shakespeare performed in any of his own plays. However some say that he only acted to fill in roles in the first 10 years of his career.

Shakespeare has the well-deserved reputation as the world’s supreme English-language writer for many reasons. First of all he has a complete variety of plays, after about 37 plays Shakespeare has astonishingly touched on practically every portion of a human experience. His wrote plays on tragedies, comedies, romances, dramas and histories, it would be tricky to find some sort of a real major dilemma or a dramatic situation in a persons life that he hasn’t wrote about. Also today because of his work being so related to life experiences, many of his plays has been touched up on so they can be looked at in a more modern way.

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