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Although there are people who believe that Shakespeare, from Stratford upon Avon wrote the all of the plays, the real Shakespeare Edward de Vere actually wrote them because he had the credentials to.

Edward de Vere is the playwright because he had the education and the wits to write. It should be noted that de Vere spoke many, and almost all of the languages needed to write the plays whereas Stratford upon Avon Shakespeare did not. “De Vere was believed to have spoken Italian, French, and Spanish among other languages.” All of these languages were absolutely needed to write the plays. A commoner from England would not have been bilingual much less trilingual. Also, the Stratford upon Avon Shakespeare did not have an education much less being an Oxford graduate as de Vere was. “Looney states that in one category after another Oxford had the characteristics he had projected: classical education, sympathy for the house of Lancaster in the war of the roses, Roman Catholic learning’s, aristocratic point of view, literary tastes.” And the list goes on and on. This definitively lists out all of the education advantages that Edward de Vere of Oxford had which debunked the Stratfordians claims.

The argument that the Stratfordians put forth, that the Stratford upon Avon Shakespeare was the real guy who wrote all of the magnificent pieces, is not true. This is so, because he did not have any documented evidence of clues linking him to the writings. “One by one, I began to tick off a growing list of verses marked in the de Vere bible which these scholars had identified as influential on Shakespeare.”This is a prime example of the clues needed to validate the anti-stratfordian argument. These are also the clues which the Stratfordians have none of considering the fact that there is no documentation of the Shakespeare from Stratford upon Avon ever having written or read much more than his name. Also, Stratford upon Avon Shakespeare could not have, and did not travel to the places that were mentioned about in many of Shakespeare’s writings. “There is no record that he traveled at all during his formative years, or that he ever left England.” This piece of information should quench all doubt that the Statfordians Shakespeare from Stratford upon Avon was not the one that wrote the masterful pieces of literature, but someone else. This person was most likely Sir Francis Bacon, Christopher Marlowe, or the most evident choice, Edward de Vere of Oxford.

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