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Ship Essays


The Royal Adelaide Was an Iron Built Ship

Introduction Are you aware that here in Dorset many tragedies have occurred in which hundreds of lives have been lost at sea? Shipwrecks used to be a regular occurrence around the coasts of Weymouth and Chesil beach and caused much

The Challenged Cruiser

            It is important to make a good impression on a client, especially in this case wherein what the/my agency is “selling” is a service promotes comfort and convenience in having a cruise vacation. As such, showing Greg Pritz at

Carnival Cruise Line

PART I. THE ISSUE The main issue of the case is how the Carnival Cruise Line can improve their “Fun Ship” strategy without losing its original meaning. They are having difficulties on how can they innovate some of their facilities

Titanic Myths

There was a ship that was said to be unsinkable. This ship was named Titanic. The Titanic had many theories on how it sank, it also had many errors which caused millions of deaths, and had a theory that I

Ship and Larger Merchant Ships

A research vessel (RV or R/V) is a ship designed and equipped to carry out research at sea. Research vessels carry out a number of roles. Some of these roles can be combined into a single vessel, others require a

Disney Cruise Line Competitive Advantage

The Disney’s cruise line has many strength and most of those strengths are attributed to the brand name and image that Disney has created over the years. Walt Disney was ranked 7th in the top 50 Global Brand ranking of

Navigation and Marine Transportation

The thrust of the Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation (BSMT) course is towards providing the shipping industry with technically knowledgeable, vigorous, and disciplined Marine Deck Officers essential to the profession. The student is exposed to a substantive amassing of

Asbatankvoy Charter Party

The vessel, classed as specified in Part I hereof,and to be so maintained during the currency of this Charter, shall,with all convenient dispatch, proceed as ordered to Loading Port(s) named in accordance with Clause 4 hereof, or so near thereunto

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