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1. Fundraising 2. Taking the team to collegiate game – so that the players can see and understand what they are learning and how it is used in the higher level of athletic competition; give the athlete some type of value of the sport. LIST 2 THINGS WE DID THIS YEAR WE SHOULD CONSIDER DOING AWAY WITH. 1. I cannot think of anything that we should do away with right

with right now. 2.

LIST 2 THINGS WE DID NOT DO THAT YOU THINK WOULD MAKE US A BETTER PROGRAM. 1. We could definitely use more conditioning and strength training that’s sport-specific during athletics. 2. More team-building activities to promote team unity for the entire volleyball program. LIST 2 THINGS YOU DID WELL AS A COACH THIS SEASON.

1. Recognize the skill level of my team and developed each athletes skill level. I took good advice from other coaches on the staff who gave input, and I was very patient with the players. I could not be upset with any of the players because they were not taught certain aspects of the game. 2. I taught all the players 6-2 rotation, transition, and defensive coverage. LIST 2 THINGS YOU NEED TO IMPROVE AND HOW YOU INTEND TO DO IT. 1. I believe that I could always use improvement in every thing.

There is always room for learning and improvement no matter what. 2. I plan on attending coaches clinics, talk to well-know coaches who I have a relationship with and have worked with for ideas and coaching tips, and self-study of the sport. DO YOU PLAN ON COACHING VOLLEYBALL NEXT YEAR? PLEASE BE HONEST. No, I do not plan to coach volleyball next year. If there is no one to replace me, then I will coach and will do it to the best of my ability. WHAT ARE YOUR COACHING GOALS?

1. Continue to learn any new information about any sport that I am coaching and apply any information that I have acquired as often as needed to the sport whether it is skill-related, rules, or etc. 2. Assist and encourage all athletes to take SAT/ACT test early even if the athlete is not planning on being a collegiate athlete and staying academically eligible – always keep it as a focus! 3. Help out even more with paper work and any other duties since I’ve learned more about our district and what it requires; lessen some of the head coaches duties – I know more and I can help out even more.

Knowledgeable of the sport she coaches!

1. Communication – tone; be careful of how and what you say to your players, coaches, and parents 2. Motivation – coach the team when they’re up and down 3. Professionalism – don’t discuss any thing about players with other players; it causes animosity and problems among the team OFFENSIVE SUGGESTIONS?

1. setters should recognize what the defense is doing so she knows where to go with her set 2. all hitters should be able to attack from anywhere on the court; the second ball should be an attack majority of the time 3. all players should be able to read the court and make smart decisions 4. Poise and discipline

1. Always move without the ball
2. Recognize the opposing players repetition or weakness during a game
3. Poise and Discipline

I did not do well at all with Saturday practices because of prior engagements. If you could, state how many practices that you would like us to have each month on Saturdays?


I liked how the freshmen and JV teams were placed in the same gym for practice. It gave me an opportunity to see the freshmen teams potential and skill level.


It never hurts for any athlete to get stronger. Adding weights to volleyball program will only allow the player to get stronger of course, hit harder, and jump higher. In addition, there is likely to be less injury because certain muscles have been made stronger. WORK SCHEDULE SUGGESTIONS?

I think the players should tryout for any good club organization or participate in a good volleyball camp that is going to improve the player’s skill and level of play.


If there are any players who are only capable of playing one position, stress to the athlete the importance of mastering their position.


1. Have respect for all of your coaches. Athletes know when their head coach does not like their assistants by the comments that you make and the actions that you show. Your athletes will not respect your assistant coaches.


There should be more cohesiveness. We did not have any type of bond as a coaching staff. QUESTIONS, CONCERNS, SUGGESTIONS, THOUGHTS:
With this year being my 7th year to coach, it is the first year that I’ve ever had a head coach not have confidence in me, or think that I didn’t know anything about what I was coaching. I have worked as a varsity assistant coach and even a middle school coordinator for athletics under some well-known coaches. I have learned a lot from each coach that I have worked with. One thing that each coach always said consistently to me is to “recognize what type of team that you have and what their skill level is individually and as a team, and build off of that.” This is what I did with my team this year and each year that I have coached. One thing that I did realize about my Junior Varsity team, since it was made up of freshmen, sophomores, and juniors; my upperclassmen did not know anymore than my freshmen.

My freshmen were more athletic than the upperclassmen, and with practice throughout the season became more skilled and where better players. There were some things that my freshmen should not have known before my upperclassmen, and that was the rotation. I realized that the upperclassmen on my team struggled with some skills and the 6-2 rotation because they just were not taught and worked with. With that being said, the majority of my team was cheated except for the freshmen. I believe that each athlete, no matter what program that they participate in; should be coached and taught every aspect of the game if they are in the program regardless of their athletic ability. That is part of coaching. You are not going to always have the best athletes, and teams change from year to year.

I have given some of our athlete’s confidence in themselves and developed their skill level just because I told them that they could be better if they worked hard, and I did not throw them away. Even if I was not your personal choice as your Junior varsity coach, I came with a willing heart and open mind to do whatever you needed me to do and assist you to the best of my ability. I did not like how you tried to address and approach me at times as if I was one of your players. I did discuss that situation with you once before. You have to remember that your assistant coaches are adults. I believe that you should deal with your staff the same way you would want to be approached and dealt with, and I do believe that would be in a respectful manner. I am a coach who has always supported a total girl’s athletic program.

I encourage all female athletes to participate in every sport. This is the type of coaching environment that I have always worked and participated in. If you do not want to share your dual-sport athlete(s) with the next coach while you are in-season; show that coach the same respect when they are in-season. On a positive note, the communication between you and I did improve. I am extremely proud of you and happy that you did receive the Coach of the Year for our district. I honestly believe that you did deserve it. I am glad that I did have the opportunity to assist you and be on the coaching staff that made history in Dunbar volleyball. I truly hope that you get the coaches on your staff that you consider qualified. Congratulations on a successful year and good luck next year.

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