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The graph which we collect data from question 5 gives information about the proportion of the extent of HSU students doing shopping online. An important point to mention is that the number of students do shopping online are not frequently. As a general trend, 55% of students buy products online on special occassions or holidays. In addition, the rate of student shop online in weekly is less than in monthly, with 6% for doing shopping online in weekly and 17% in monthly. In the rest percentage, students regard to buy goods on the internet whenever they like. Through the analyse above, we can see that students have a trend to buy product online for their entertainment. In normal days, they may not concern about shopping because they have many assignments or tasks to do. Therefore, the percentage of shopping is quite low. However, in special days or holidays, students tend to spend more time on shopping online. Overall, shopping online is a spontaneously action.

The next graph shows kind of products which are concerned by HSU students. There are many choices, but we can see mostly are clothing, kind of tickets, electronic devices and cosmetic. Now, we will go deeply into details to know more about the reasons of these choices. According to the chart above, the best seller on the internet is clothing. It was paid attention to by 48%. As a general trend, both male and female respondents concerned about clothing because it is easy to choose, customers just need to follow the style and stable size. Moreover, faulty products can be changed easier than others products. As is shown, about 21% of kind of tickets are intersted by students. They tend to book tickets on the internet because they do not have time to buy tickets directly or do not want to queue in long line. Eletronic devices accounted for 11% of goods students want to buy online. Cosmetic had the concernment of 9%, just less than the proportion of electronic devices by 3%. Finally, others products made up about 21%. In conclusion, it seems that student may choose items which convenient and common to them.

The pie chart illustrates the HSU students’ opinion in the question 13 about the disadvantages of shopping online. It can be seen clearly that the number of students claimed about problem of changing products made up 41%. Furthermore, the student’s fears about payment security risk are considerable: Indeed, we found out that many were willing to pay more for peace of mind. In more detail, 21% of concerned internet shoppers worried about payment risks. As is shown, the percentage of students claimed that they had to spend more time for delivery accounted for 19% of problems. Other students thought that shopping online was very complicated to handle. In detail, the proportion of these students constituded by 11%. According to discussion above, we can see that the main disadvantage of shopping online is that it is much harder and takes longer to return faulty goods; students will have to repack it and pay to ship it back to the seller.

It can literally take weeks to exchange a faulty product purchased online. Another disadvantage is that shoppers have to face with some problems in payment. One more disadvantage of shopping online is that students have to pay shipping costs and have to wait for the items they purchased to be shipped and delivered. (This could take several weeks if they have purchased a product from overseas, and the costs of shipping may outweigh any savings they made on the purchase price.) they will not be able to purchase an item they need to use immediately online. As a result, these drawbacks may causes the hesitancy of shopper when using shopping online.

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