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Short Answer Writing Assignment Essay Sample

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Short Answer Writing Assignment Essay Sample

All answers should be complete sentences. Make sure the survey is complete and turned in with the assignment.

1.Suppose we use this survey to characterize the students in this class by organizing, summarizing, and displaying the data. This would be an example of what branch of statistics? Explain your reasoning.

This would be an example of descriptive statistics becasue it is quantatively describing the main features of a collection of data.

2.Suppose we use this survey to draw conclusions about a population (the student body at this school) based on a sample (this class). This would be an example of what branch of statistics? Explain your reasoning.

This would be an example of inferential statistics becasue it is concerned with making predicitons or inferences about a population from observation and analyses of a sample.

3.Will the data collected from this survey represent a simple random sample of the schools student body? Explain.

No. This survey would be considered a convience survey because the entire student body does not have and oppurtunity to partake in the survey. Only one class.

4.What type of data will the following questions yield (Explain your reasoning):

a.Survey question 10? (What color car)

This would yeild qualitative data becasue it consists of attributes, labels, or non numerical entries. In this case it would be the color of a car.

a.Survey question 12? (How much money do you have)

This would be considered quantative becasue it consists of numerical measurements or counts. In this case the amount of coins/dollars.

1.Will the result for survey question 7 be a discrete or continuous variable? Explain your reasoning.

This would be considered a continuous variable because there are an infinite number of possibilities. A continuous variable has an infinite number of values between two given points.

1.Identify the level of measurement for the following (Explain your reasoning):

a.Survey question 1?

This would be ratio level of measurement becsaue when describing time there is an inherent zero.

a.Survey question 2?

This would be nominal measurement because it contains variables with values that have no numerical value such as gender, occupation, or in this case, the state you were born in.

a.Survey question 3?

This would be an interval level of measurement becasue when describing the temperature there is no inherent zero.

a.Survey question 4?

This would be an ordinal variable becasue it contains values whose orders are significant, but on which no meaningful arithmatic-like operations can be performed.

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