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Why do we need to spot the signs?
So we . . .
• Help and protect the service users
• Follow the correct legislations – Equality and Diversity Act, Human Rights Act and The Care Standards Act
• Follow the Care Value Base
• Follow professional bodies codes of practice
• Follow codes of conduct, policies and procedures in a health and social care setting

• Assess the likely immediate effects of two different forms of abuse on the health and wellbeing of adults.
• You need to consider what effects instantly follow two different types of abuse for example; physical abuse may affect the adult by bruising and fracturing them. Also explain how the abuse can affect the health and wellbeing of adult.

• Consider – Physical – fracture
• Could the injury effect them doing everyday things? (e.g. fracture leg would cause isolation)
• Could it lead to further health issues? (Bed sores)
• Does it effect how they feel and act towards others? (Depression and low self esteem)
• Would we see changes in these person as a health worker and what? (Body language, depression and anxiety).

• Evaluate the potential long-term effects of these two types of abuse on the health and well-being of adults.
• You need to consider what effects will concern the adult in the long-term, for example; sexual abuse can lead to the adult feeling shame or fear of reporting the incident and having long-term anxiety, depression and fear of certain people.

Consider …
• What are the long-term effects of abuse? (Included lasting injuries also lasting feelings and emotions about the abuse).
• Would the person being abused report it? if not why not? (shame, scared, social isolation).
• Should we report it if we see it and why? (CVB, Whistle blowing and professional code of practice).
• What will be the positives effects of reporting this? (The person being abused and other service users).
• Why is it important that it gets reported and what will happen if it does not get reported?

Examples of abuse

Elderly care in Sandwell
Meera Syal case study
Amy Winehouse – Self harm through Drugs and alcohol
• Rihanna and Chris Brown – Domestic abuse
• Hollyoakes – Patrick and Maxine
• Eastenders – Little Mo

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