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I have read in several articles about the essence and benefits of free education. I have also participated in several arguments concerning this subject matter. Free college education does have its underlying advantages, but in my opinion the long term negative effects of free college education significantly outweigh its short term benefits. Critical as well as empirical analysis point this fact.

Firstly, permit me to buttress the fact that there is no such thing as free education. Funding would still be required to propagate educational processes in one way or the other. A critical look at the public education systems of developed societies will show that this endeavor is the single largest expenditure of federal, state and municipal governments. Thus, increasing the scope of free college education only serves to increase the already burdening expenditures of our nation’s government.

Secondly, the implementation of free college education would only serve to significantly limit the value of education. By virtue of filling colleges with students who primarily do not merit their place and have no business there, college education would only seem like a four year extension of secondary school education if it were made free. The society as it is now can only accommodate about 26% of the population of individuals with college degrees in terms of suitable jobs. This in itself has left a sour taste in the mouth of many who believe their college degree has neither served the purpose of being an employment facilitator.

One significant truth most would rather choose to ignore is that not everyone should be able to attend college. I am quite aware that many might perceive this statement as being quite cynical, but the truth remains that not every individual is equal in motivation and achievements. The quality of the nation’s intellectual workforce would be critically undermined if everyone got the chance to attend college. I am not against the idea of granting scholarships to certain students, however stringent criteria as to who is eligible must be strategically considered. In doing so, only the very brightest and the very motivated will possess a college degree, which in my opinion mitigates the burden of high expenditures on the path government whilst putting the intellectual future of the nation in its ideal paradigm.

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