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Good morning class. Do you ever feel like you just shouldn’t have to do any homework? Having too much homework causes stress and it takes away precious time with family and also your sleep, which are two of the most important things in your life. So should we be doing any homework? I believe not.

It is true to say that homework takes away valuable time with family because while your stuck doing some probably useless work you could be doing something with your family such as going out for dinner or going to the movies.

Recent studies have shown, student’s lives were divided into 3 simple aspects: 80% of a student’s week is devoted to school (20% is homework based) 5% is spent with families and religious activities

And 15% on out side of school social activities

Our generation can’t afford to live like this. We need freedom; we need options. Not only are the above statistics true, but it’s also proven that attendance in schools would increase by about 80% if students didn’t have homework to get done. In Sydney one normal school was willing to give the no homework policy a try and they found that not only the students benefited from the no homework policy, so did the teachers not having to always check up on homework being done.

Some people who don’t like having stress-free afternoons would argue that homework is benefiting us by remembering what we learnt in class but the only thing students are remembering is that they can’t do what they want at home because of homework. Isn’t fives days a week at school enough?

In summary, many students would agree that homework should be banned so that there is room for out side of school social activities and precious time with family.

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