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Should Marijuana Be Legalized for Medical Purpose? Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The argument on legalizing marijuana for medical reason is not just a simple pro/con debate. It is a very complex issue that has many different approaches to it. The question that must ultimately be answered is that do the benefits of marijuana outweigh the risk and side effects.

Marijuana is currently classified as a Schedule I agent under the Federal Controlled Substance Act. In order to be a Schedule I agent under this act the substance must have a high risk for potential abuse and absolutely no medical use. There are many physicians that have evidence, based practices proving marijuana has the ability to remedy pain, asthma, headaches, insomnia, and even anorexia. It also stimulates the appetite for those who suffer from wasting syndrome it is a greatly beneficial. A recent study proved that marijua

na has the ability to reduce nausea, vomiting, and some spasticity of those that many who partake in

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chemotherapy suffer from these side effects.

Like many other drugs intended for medical purposes, marijuana also has the ability to become addictive. It is many times used as a recreational drug and therefore has been stereotyped only being good for its intoxicating effect.

Many states are allowing the sale and use of medical marijuana, although federally it is still an illegal substance. Only time and more research will answer these questions brought up by this controversial issue. As for now, the benefits and side effects are about equal. It does not matter whether one is smoking marijuana or taking it orally, there is still a negative stigma associated with marijuana.

The debate over the legalization of marijuana for medical reasons has been argued from three main approaches: medical approach, lawmaker approach, and the government and law enforcement approach. Having debates from these three sides of the issue prove that this issue is a very complex one, and it affects everyone in this country. People should be educated on this subject, so that when making a decision on this subject, they have all the information and right tools to make the smart decision.


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