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Should Pit Bulls Be Illegal? Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

I’m going to compare pit bulls to guns, in similarities and differences. We allow guns, which are much more dangerous than some mean dog, for many important reasons. It’s not worth listing them all, but some obvious ones like protecting your property apply to pit bulls as well. In fact, that’s a better argument for pit bulls than for guns, since they are less dangerous and more evident to would-be trespassers. But the real reason I compare the two is because going past someone’s house and seeing a mean, scary dog barking and snarling at you, and having to look around and make sure it’s (hopefully) restrained somehow so you can simply walk on a

public sidewalk, is a pretty similar experience to if every gun owner advertised the fact by sitting

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on their porch waving their weapon at passers-by.

So no, they shouldn’t be illegal, but there should be laws about what pit bull owners have to do with their pets. It’s an absolute stereotype that pit bulls are, by nature, and aggressive type of animal. Rather, pit bulls behave in an aggressive way because they’ve been mistreated by their owners and are often used as attack dogs. However, pit bulls can be as sweet and well-behaved as any other kind of dog. Pits Bulls are not the problem, people who are mistreating them are. Pit bulls can be lifelong partners and friends of their owners as long as their owners are responsible and discipline any behavior the pit bull may have that is undesirable. Pit bulls can be very friendly and there is a media stigma against them, painting them in a very negative light. They are born innocent just as humans are and I believe Pit Bulls just want to be loved. A big part of their behavior is in how they are raised. If they are raised with love and discipline, they will reward you with a great dog. Pit Bulls should be allowed to live.

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