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* My New Year’s Resolution is to say no to plastic bags!

Plastic bags should be banned from grocery stores. I often go to the store and buy 1 or 2 items and I am given so many bags. I feel that we have become an extremely wasteful society. If we could just say no to plastic bags we would be slowing down the waste in landfills. It takes a little more effort to remember to carry reusable bags in the car but it is worth saving our environment. I am proud to say that my young daughters have said no to the plastic bag when they have bought something from the store that they can easily carry in their hand. My efforts this year is to use reusable bags, no plastic water bottles and continue composting. Posted By: Anonymous

* What is more important?

Everybody knows that if the environment is so dirty; kills lot of people. If the environment is bad, our people will die. To make our lives longer we should of course ladies and gentleman to save our environment. People say we can recycle it, but only 1% are recycled world wide. Plastic bags are very light and handable. However, environment is more important when we think of our world’s future!! Posted By: dennychun

Challenge to a Debate
* Yes

Today when we go shopping, we will see a lot of people carrying their shopping bags made of plastic. Plastic bags are really convenient for all of us to carry things we have bought. In contrast, there are many disadvantages of using plastic bags. If you know that plastic bags have negative impacts for our environment, I am sure that reducing the use of plastic bags will be happened soon. As we know, using plastic bags are really convenient for all of us to carry things. In contrast, using bags is increasing the severity of Global Warming that we are confronting at the moment. The plastic bags production uses almost ten percent of the world’s annual oil supply. Only few percent of this number is recycled. This means that much of the planet’s precious natural resources are being used to produce plastic bags. The chemicals and compounds that go into making plastic bags could also be utilized in a far more effective manner. These two facts show that plastic bag production is a waste of resources. In addition, we can use and hold plastic bags everywhere we need like supermarkets, stores or homes but plastic bags can damage environment.

Throwing plastic bags could make the soil unfertile which is described as soil pollution. We need fertile soil to help plants grow and provide enough food for all of us. Animals also need soil because it makes plants grow and animals will eat those plants. This is a part of natural food chain. What’s more bad point of using plastic bags is to kill. Plastic bags can kill and have killed many animals. The tragedy is that once the animals eat the plastic bags, they can get caught up and wrapped round the gut or in the throat. This cause suffocation and starvation. To sum up, we have known that after all plastic bags are used, they will be bad wastes of the world. So, we can do little work to avoid plastic as much as possible. In order to, stop global warming, keep nutritious food sources and avoid being criminals, we should use fabric bags instead of the plastic ones. Posted By: anonymus

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* Dangers Environment

Plastic bags are bad health wise also. People don’t know this but bacteria is found in those bags. 97% of people dont even wash bags. It’s the same concept as washing your hands. The more you wash the less bacteria you’ll have. Your groceries such as raw meat can cause Ecoli. Which is bad for your health and can cause death. It pollutes the water. Resent,research had found plastic bags inside animals stomach. Plastic bags are nonbiodegradeable.It can’t decompose by bacteria. Posted By: Anonymous

* plastic is very disatrous

plastic has very aderse effect on the environment.As we all know that is is a non biodegradeble waste , it can not be decomposed by bacteria in the soil.plastic bag is an environmental hazard, but it occupies a very important place in our live. people findvery eay and convenient for their use but they never think of their adverse effects.fromout side it looks harmless . thinner plastic bags are more harmful. if we burn them , plastic bags will produce harmful gase. Plastic bags are also harmful for animals .Because when animals consume it can die. at last i want to say we should use paper bags instead of plastic bags to save our environent. Posted By: GATTU

Challenge to a Debate
* Yes. There are plenty of valid reasons…

First off, you could simply bring your own bags to the store, like millions of environment conscience people. No one says you have to use their bags. So even if they are not banned, you can help reduce usage in that way. Other wise you can ask for paper bags and simply recycle them at home. Both options much better for the environment, than using those plastic bags. Posted By: BlueViking

Challenge to a Debate
* Plastic is terrible for the environment.

Once plastic gets into the ocean or food chain it can stay there for years since it takes about 1000 years for plastic in the ocean to biodegrade. If one animal eats the bag it will die, then unlike the plastic biodegrade and another animal will eat it, that happens over and over again. We can find other ways to carry our groceries without using this type of bag. Paper bags or fabric bags work just as well and they don’t break. Posted By: GabbyMessina

Challenge to a Debate
* I support this, because plastic bags are wasteful and often break. Although people need a bag of some sort to help carry their groceries, plastic bags are a poor solution. They are wasted in large quantities, every single day. Also, they break under the slightest pressure. There are more sustainable methods of carrying groceries, such as using paper bags or material bags. Posted By: PrettyVince50

* Paper is better than plastic but…

Plastic is not biodegradeable by any means. Fees can’t be placed on them because corporations got smart and slipped into a bill that charging any sort of a fee for single use plastics is illegal and that they can sue that city/state that puts a fee on them. Thus, a complete ban is the only thing probable. Statistics show plastic bags are recycled at a rate of less than 10% while more than 50% of paper bags are recycled. However it takes more resources making paper bags than it does pastic. Plastic is made from petroleum; a product of oil. You protest oil independence but refuse to give up your plastic bag? Laziness factors plenty into the banning of plastic bags. If Europeans can do It, why can’t the states? Reusable bags made from recycled products are fantastic. I’ve carried two one gallon bottles with a few other Items in one bag without having an issue.

They’re much sturdier than plastic bags as well as more pleasing to the eye. I’ve never gotten dirty looks bringing my own bag and they fold up easy so I can even pack them in my purse. There are reuseable bags out there that are compatible to you. You just need to do your research. They come in all sorts of shapes, colors and designs. Honestly, I think education is key. I moved to Monterey, CA and they have reward systems for people who BYOB. Working on a plastic bag ban (among other things), this county is considered one of the most Eco friendly towns in the state. The documentary “Bag It” is great for people to better understand plastic bags and the real reality of disposable plastics. Remember, we don’t inherit the world from our grandparents, we borrow it from our children. Posted By: Anonymous

* Plastic bags cause devastating affects to the environment
First of all, plastic bags can fly in the ocean and animals, hundreds of them, mistake them for food, so many die every year – we could make the environment safer by using tote bags instead of going to the grocery store and consuming 10 plastic bags. Posted By: Anonymous

* they suck

Paper is better all the way around. I reuse both kinds but the plastic is too flimsy and never rots. Those trendy “reusables” are not practical for large families who shop biweekly. Get a clue. You use less bags with paper they hold more and have more re-uses. Plastic just uses more “oil”–look at what that is doing for everyone. Posted By: Anonymous

* Yes i think grocery bags should be banned for animal reasoning  yes i belive that grocery bags should be bannned because they are dumped in a land fill for hundreds and or thousaond of years. Also animals could me hungry and eat the plastic and die and that is animal crulelty which I personaly am not that fond of. Also paper bag could make less polution and you can reuse them and they can hold more and not break i also belive that they dont break as easy. I also belive that colth bags are the best source of all because they can hold a ton of food and never break also they can be reasued many time and you can spend money one time to buy a cloth and get a discount which actualy save you money insted of spending money on paper bag. More about paper bags are that you can recycle them which goes to make more so you are actualy reusing them so it is like the some as buying a cloth bag because you are reusing them over and over again.

And all you have to do to keep the cloth bags is put them in the back of your car and whenever you go to the store you just take them in the store with you and then you have them and then when you get home you can empty them and put them back in your car to reause them. And if you are buying cold or hot food and you want to keep the food cold or hot you can buy a cold or hot bag and that you can even use for regular temputure food and it will still stay that temputure and that that bag can be washed out and use it as many times and you want and it will never break down. And the last thing i have to say is that the U.S. could also save a ton of money if they didnt buy plastic bags from other places. Those our my pourposes for why plastic bags should be banned in grocery stores! Posted By: Anonymous

* I oppose plastic bags being banned from grocery stores; they are more durable.
I believe that plastic bags in grocery stores are more durable than paper ones. While plastic bags are not recyclable themselves, people save and re-use them at home for things besides just taking their groceries home. Examples include using them inside a bathroom trash can, picking up animal waste and storing items you have nowhere else to put. Plastic bags are more efficient for their original purpose and can be used for more purposes. Posted By: boobop

* I think plastic bags should be banned from grocery stores. Paper bags, though more expensive, are a more environmentally friendly alternative.  Plastic bags can harm the environment because they interfere with wildlife and pollute the earth. They are not biodegradable, so they will be around for a long time. In my opinion, paper bags make more sense because paper is much easier to break down and serves the same job. Alternatively “green bags” offer reusable, biodegradable bags to shoppers. Posted By: IeonBauer

* Why not; how inconvenienced would we really be if we had to use reusable bags or paper bags?
Plastic bags could be easily replaced with paper or reusable. When I was in Europe over 20 years ago, you paid for your bags to promote the use of reusable bags. We are so backward here when it comes to consciously taking care of the environment. I have seen plastic bags floating through the air in remote areas of the southwest. All this could be prevented by using paper or recycled, reusable bags. Posted By: 54IInferno

* Yes, plastic garbage bags should be banned from grocery stores because they create too much trash.
I believe it would be good to ban plastic bags from grocery stores and go back to the traditional paper bags. Plastic bags create a lot of trash and many people are just not willing to take the time and effort to recycle them. I find that many of the plastic bags used at stores today are so flimsy that two are needed for some heavier items, so this just creates more waste. Paper bags are biodegradable and they have many uses around the house, and because they are larger than plastic bags, they hold more groceries. Posted By: R0d0Ferdy

* Plastic bags should be banned from grocery stores because they are made from toxic and non-recyclable materials.
It is so much more environmentally friendly to bring your own bags when you buy groceries. These reusable bags are now sold at most stores and are very cost effective. A plastic bag harms the earth and all the living things in it. Not to mention the fact that plastic really isn’t something that breaks down naturally. Posted By: B3rkIffy

* I believe banning plastic bags from grocery stores is the only way to stop them from being used, which is necessary if we want to clean up the environment and landfills.
Banning plastic bags from not just grocery stores but all stores will go a long way toward helping clean up the environment and lessening the burden they make on landfills. These bags are not as biodegradable as paper and can not be recycled as easily. They often become a hazard to drivers when they are left along the road to fly and billow around. Posted By: 54b3rRyon

* Plastic grocery bag should be banned as plastic is quickly filling up our garbage disposal sites, and is harmful to our environment. Since plastic does not decompose like other materials, it should be banned as grocery bags. Just our house alone, with only two people living in it, must collect thousands of plastic bags every year. Multiply that by all of the households in the world and it is overwhelming. Grocery stores could help the situation somewhat by not using so many sacks when they bag your groceries. To me it seems that they could use half as many as they do. Recycling has helped with the problem, but I know there are thousands of people out there who never recycle no matter what. Posted By: BMaritza

* The majority of plastic bags are not recycled and instead sit in landfills, whereas the alternative is better for the environment and economy.

There are so few plastic bags that are actually recycled and turned into usable products. Most are tossed into the garbage and will sit in landfills slowly breaking down and taking up space. The alternative of fabric bags are a reusable option that are better on the environment. Grocery stores can reduce their costs by selling reusable bags and not spending the money on producing plastic bags. They will also be providing a service to the environment. Posted By: EdgPh03nix

* All plastic should be banned

Plastic is a much newer commodity than people give it credit for. It has serious implications for animals, oceans, our water supply, and human health. Grocery stores should go back to the old days where customers brought their own containers (usually glass) to directly place meat and baked goods. Companies should be forced to put morality, dignity, integrity, and decency above making money. The amount of waste that would evaporate from our world is unfathomable if we simply didn’t have plastic. Not too mention, the oil companies would take a hit as oil is in plastic. It’s crazy that people are actually buying into this recycle scam; most plastic bags aren’t recycled and if you didn’t have so much plastic in the first place you wouldn’t need a plastic bag to throw away all your plastic trash! It’s just insane that people care more about “convenienc?” When it’s actually costing them much more than they could ever realize! Those reusable bags do carry groceries just fine, you don’t need a plastic bag! People would prefer to keep lining greedy corporations’ pockets with money instead of just bringing a tote and/or containers to the store. It’s so this?eartening. What kind of world are we going to be leaving to our children? None of this insane amount of litter was in the world just over 100 years ago. it’s just flat-out ludicrous and irresponsibility. Posted By: Anonymous

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