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In Australia, we have a low poverty rate, we have advanced technology and we are the 2nd most developed country in the world. So why would we corrupt our well balanced society by allowing same-sex marriage? This inconceivable issue has been bombarded into our faces through various media outlets, such as newspapers, television discussion programs and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. As the topic of legalizing same-sex marriage in Australia grows, we must expose the truth that acting upon this issue and making it legal for same gender civilians to marry will bring unwanted corruption to our progressive society. First of all, in most main religions, homosexuality is considered a sin and that these religions protect the sanctuary of marriage between a man and a woman. Secondly, by accepting homosexual marriages and changing The Marriage Act, the definition and respect for the institution of marriage is weakened dramatically. Lastly, humans were biologically created to procreate with a man and women to produce offspring’s, this cannot occur when a homosexual couple have the same anatomy as each other and the integrity of the future generations will be in jeopardy.

Even though secularism is employed in western society, religion is still a major influence within our culture, as of the 2011 Australian Census figures show that only 22.3% of citizens declared “no religion.” This represents that roughly 80% of citizens follow a religion, predominantly Christianity and Catholicism being at a combined percentage of 86. With this stated, these two major religions follow the text known as The Bible. The Bible covers many matters, including homosexuality. In a passage in the Old Testament, it was implied by Leviticus (20:13) that homosexuality is a sin, “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination [towebah]: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” This passage clearly displays how homosexuality is considered a sin. If alterations do take place to the Marriage Act that would allow same-sex marriages, the government would utter blasphemies towards the nineteen millions people in Australia who follow either Christianity or Catholicism.

As of 2010, 42% of marriages in Australia resulted in divorce. This is a classic example how citizens recklessly enter marriages and terminate it with a divorce, this weakens how our society sees marriage and the institution of marriage. The institution is seen as a sacred commitment between a man and women, which are devoted to each other for life. Traditional wedding vows state the following, “…to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; and I promise to be faithful to you until death parts us.” This clearly defines how society views marriage, so why must be burden its definition by going through a tedious process of altering the law? If we allow homosexuals the right to marriage, what is next? Pet lovers marrying their cats and dogs or people who have the fetish to corpses marry a dead body from the local morgue to satisfy their desires? This is outrageous! How can we let our society destroyed the sanction of marriage by permitting same gendered couples to wed. As a bright and well educated nation, we need to preserve the dignity marriage holds and not allow same-sex couples to cripple the image of marriage in Australia.

As we all know, both men and women have different anatomies, this makes men and women unlike from one another. The main logical reason for this is so men and women come together, to join as one and procreate to make offspring’s. This is the so called “circle of life” for humans. For thousands of years, this is how the globe kept the population steady, why must we ruin this secure system? This is why it is vital to withdraw same sex couples the right to marry. How are two males going to create a child with no uterus or ovum? The only child they’ll ever be able to make is at build a bear workshop.

Men and women always were and will be considered “biologically right.” The integrity of our children is on the line if we allow same-sex marriage and if we ever do, then we are sacrificing the future generation! It is essential for the younger generation to grow up in an environment where only a man and women are allow to wed, because these married couples are being role models and setting the example of what these children need to do in later life. When they are old enough to copulate and sustain a healthy family, they will do so and give birth to the next generation. It is important that we include this ideology that biologically speaking, only a man and women are meant to be together and to allow homosexual marriages in Australia will only damage the social fabric of our society and the scientific aspect to marriage.

As the opposing arguments state that Australia’s foundations consist of equality. For Australia to take the next step into increasing the amount of equality portrayed within our society is to allow any same-sex couple to be legally married in Australia. They believe than can achieve equality by changing The Marriage Act. This argument is a blunder, since as an advanced nation we have already achieved equality without having to alter the law. Australia perpetuates equality by giving same-sex couples the term “De-facto relationships.” These are a set of legal rights given to couples who are not married. There are some conditions you must follow to qualify for these rights, however majority of de-facto relationships instantly qualify. These rights which are given to these relationships are neighboured to the rights to what a man and women would receive through marriage. Take the situation if unfortunately the partner in a same-sex couple has reach their demise, the other would be entitled to the following; receive compensation under workers compensation law (if your partner dies during the course of employment) and claim financial assistance under the Succession Act. These are just a few of the legal rights de facto couples receive, so equality is still successful in Australia and there is no requirement to alter The Marriage Act.

As we see the influx of gay right activist trying to shove down our throats the rubbish they naturally spill out of their mouth about legalizing same-sex marriage in Australia, we need to realize where trash belongs, in the dumps with all the other crap that’s thrown out. In a general overview, homosexuality is treason at its best, by commending the religious views seen by the majority of the 19 million Australian citizens who follow Christianity and Catholicism and to allow the sacred harmony of marriage to be broken by altering the Marriage Act to accommodate for homosexual couples is despicable. Not only would we be breaking the traditional bonds which marriage holds, but defiling the meaning of marriage to our society. Lastly, men and women come together seamlessly to produce beautiful offspring and the integrity of the next generation lie in the hands of homosexuals to realize they are incompatible with one another and allowing same-sex marriage would damage our delicate system of reproduction. We need to save the reputation of our nation and our children, that is why same-sex marriage should not be legalized in Australia.

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