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Should smoking be banned in all restaurants? Essay Sample

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Should smoking be banned in all restaurants? Essay Sample

I agree that smoking should be banned in all restaurants. People should not smoke in restaurants because it is inappropriate to smoking while someone is trying to eat a meal. Non smokers can inhale the smoke and get second hand smoke which is a health risk. Smoking is already a bad addiction for many people, but it is also bad for the people that do not smoke. Banning smoking in restaurants has already gone into effect in many places such as New York City.

We all know that many people smoke nowadays so it’s only common to see people smoking everywhere they go. Some smokers don’t agree with banning smoking in restaurants or even bars but they should also consider the health of others. They should be considerate of the people who do not smoke and for the people who have lung problems such as asthma. Many people today are dying because of lung cancer caused by smoking and or second hand smoke. Someone that smokes knows the risks of smoking and second hand smoke and therefore they should be aware who to smoke by and when it is appropriate to smoke and when it is not.

Banning smoking in restaurants and other public places may sound easy but it is a challenge for some people because they can’t even go a half hour without having a cigarette. Smokers say that they cannot stop smoking because they have been doing it for years and it is an addiction. They also say that the places where they usually smoke the most at would have to be in restaurants, bars and clubs. They smoke here the most because they spend a couple of hours in these places. They usually drink, eat, talk to friends, and of course smoke while they do this.

Banning smoking in these common areas can also hurt businesses. Smokers will stop going to the places where they usually go because they are not allowed to smoke and they will start going to places that allow them to smoke. Many owners of restaurants, bars and clubs are trying to accommodate smokers with having tobacco juice which they can drink. Tobacco juice usually relieves the person’s urge to have a cigarette and gives them a boost of nicotine that they need. The owner’s of these places are doing this so that they don’t lose their valued customers.

Overall, banning smoking in restaurants, bars, and clubs would be a good idea and worth pursuing. It would make people feel more comfortable being in a restaurant, bar or club where they can eat, drink, or dance without someone smoking and where the air is much cleaner to breath.

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