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Some may say that we need more guidance from the government in what we eat but I disagree. The control our government has is already overwhelming most of our lives so we as citizens should not have to be forced into eating anything because the government says so.

We are taught from an early age on what has proper nutrition and what is healthy. We also have the food pyramid to show us what we need in our body system to function throughout the day. If people see that and do not follow them, it is their choice and the decisions that they are making. If you decide to eat something that is unhealthy and gain weight, it is your responsibility to lose that weight again. If you decide to eat healthy, which can benefit you later on in your life, again it is your responsibility to keep eating healthy and staying healthy. You are the person who make the choices in your life and YOU should be the one responsible for your actions; not anybody else.

There are so many things that the government limits us to do; if they decide to limit what kind of food we eat, thats one more step towards them limiting us to do things around in this country. Although some guidance in what we eat can be helpful to those who are uneducated, most people learn and know what is healthy and what is not.

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