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Should you Have to Provide a DNA Sample to Enroll in FCPS? Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

There are many different opinions on whether people should provide a DNA sample to enroll in FCPS schools. Their opinions may be based on different ethics and privacy matters. For example, one person might not want to give a sample just because they don’t want to, but one other person might do it because they feel like it will help society somehow. Personally, I feel like you should provide a DNA sample to enroll in FCPS, even though there are some points that aren’t efficient about it.

DNA, for example, can help identify criminals and vandals. If all the kids and teachers were to provide DNA samples upon enrolling in FCPS, FCPS could keep a database of DNA that they can check at anytime. If South Lakes were ever vandalized by students from another school in FCPS, then the little DNA that is left behind could be checked in the database to find a match. Also, this kind of information could clear the blame off so many innocent and wrongfully arre

sted people. This use of DNA sampling could also reduce the amount of crime on school property since

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the students now know that they have a greater chance of getting caught. Even though this is a very efficient way of decreasing crime, there is one major set back. Evidence may not be available at the scene of the crime, which would mean that the DNA database would be of no use. This lack of evidence is not a complete disaster since there is newer technology that can determine how and when and who committed the crime.

The other reason why I think DNA should be provided before enrolling in FCPS is that it can alert families if their child has some kind of disease or disorder. It is their right to know. If parents do not want to know this kind of information, then that is totally up to them. This kind of information could be very helpful, for example, if the child has an early stage of some kind of disease, then the parents could go and find out how to cure the child before the disease gets any worse. On the other hand, if the DNA showed that two brothers had too many differences in their DNA and that they weren’t actually brothers, then this information would impact, and maybe ruin, their family.

DNA sampling, in my opinion, is a very practical process since it can help the society in a great way. It can inform the family of some particular disease before it gets worse, help catch criminals and clear the blame off the innocents, and also reduce the amount of crime. I do think we should provide DNA samples to enroll in FCPS, but I also think we should get the right to keep the information to ourselves.

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