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Health care today has changed due to significant events or aspects. Managed Care is one of those significant events that has affected the change in health care. Managed Care plans is a form of health insurance. Managed care plans provide contracts to health care providers and medical facilities to provide care for individuals (members) at a lower cost. (Medline Plus, 2014). The paper will discuss how managed care relate to the changes in health care, has managed care impacted the historical evolution and the significance of managed care based on beliefs and values. Manage Care Plan

The current changes in health care is a huge topic within the United States today. The manage care plan is a system of providers that helps people who are low income or can’t afford health insurance at a lower cost. The network is made up of these providers. The services or care you receive and how much gets paid for depends on the networks rules (Managed Care, 2014). The Managed care plans are Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) and Point of Service (POS). HMO’s pay for services within the network, PPO’s pay for when you receive care within the network and pay a portion of services if you go outside the network and the POS allows the participant to pick between HMO and PPO. Managed care does help people get care that need it because they cannot afford health insurance. On the other hand, the state pays for the care (the state the patient lives) and can receive the same care as a person who has their own health insurance through their employer or through private health insurance.

The way the states pay for the patients care is by using the tax payers to pay the debt. When the tax payers are paying the debt this becomes an issue and health care begins to change for many people. The changes are more and more individuals receiving care that are able to work and receive health care through potential employers. These changes affect the way health care is provided to the individuals within the United States. In my opinion, manages care plan has impacted the evolution of health care because it allows for people to get services for free when there are hardworking people working to get these same kind of health benefits. These types of health care plans only allows other insurance companies to emerge allowing more people to get the same care as hard working people. The overall perspective on the United States pertaining to health care is being scrutinized because the lack of restraints on how managed care. The manage care plan should be provided to those individuals who need the care not to those who are committing fraud to receive the same care.

I believe that all people needs to receive health care and health care insurance. I do not agree with how manage care setup when providing care. The services are great for those who cannot afford them but the way it is determined who receives the services need to be looked at in greater detail. I do believe that if you receive care through manage care you need the care at a lower cost. Although there are people who need this program there are others that can work and receive health insurance but choose to let taxpayers handle their bill. The United States needs to take a deeper look into these programs and see how we can get out of debt. If the United States can come up with a way to search through the individuals who are under a managed care plan and see who is really in need then the economy will begin to get better. The economy may not be at it best but at least it will be a beginning to a more efficient health care plan. Conclusion

The managed care plans is a great system for people who are need of affordable health insurance. Under the managed care plan they offer three managed care plans HMO, PPO, and POS that allows for a more affordable system. Manage Care plans has its flaws but also needs to be looked at in greater detail to help alleviate some of the health care debt that the United States I suffering from. Determining what needs the mange care plan is vital to how taxpayers dollars are being spent. Manage care has played a significant role in the changes in health care, impacted the historical evolution and the beliefs or disbeliefs of the significance of the program.

Managed Care. (2014, 11 13). Retrieved from Medline Plus: on February 20,

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