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It is chaos. TD Garden in Boston is a battle field where the 2008 NBA Finals takes place. Ray Allen catches the ball, then jumps straight up, like he is attached to a rocket, and pushs the ball toward the hoop in a smooth motion. Ray Allen, one of the greatest shooters ever in NBA history, has provided record-setting statutics for Milwaukee, Seattle, and Boston in his sixteen years as a professional basketball career. This jump shooter taught me the lessons of persistence, balance, and hardwork. Before I became aware of Ray Allen, I often thought about giving up and surrendering to difficulties I would meet on American soil. I clearly remember I had to spend four hours just for finishing home work; I was exhausted and wanted to quit. Ray Allen was born into a military family that stressed persistence. His parents told Allen he had to fight until the last minute; this built a stubborn personality Allen. Now, when I get discouraged, I think of Ray Allen and I persisted even though I still got low grades in my first two months in American high school.

Finally, my persistence became A’s and B’s. Allen’s persistent personality inspired me never togive up; it is the key to overcomeing any kind of obstacle in order to reach any goal. I read an article about Ray Allen which stressed to me the importance of balance. Because of the massive amount of time I had to put in for school work in the first month in the united States, it made it nearly impossible for me to participate in activities after school. The article was about how Allen’s mother told him that he had special talent for basketball— and just don’t waste it. However, exercising his brain was just as important as basketball. Allen grew up just as comfortable and confident with a book in his hands as he was with a basketball. Trying out for sports became my motivation, and soon, I became a rugby player and a basketball manager for my high school. With the friendships I made with my teammates, I was able to build some valuable memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I could never have these kinds of experiences and friends just through my daily studying.

I learned from Allen’s example that hard work never goes wasted; success will come to me just at the right time. Before, I thought if I did the work like everyone else and followed the norm I would be doing fine in an American high school. I started to find out how wrong I was after I learned from Allen’s story. The gigantic amount of extra work he put in during his basketball career made shooting so simple for Allen . One thousand free throws, two hours of jump shoots, and one hour of ball handing per practice is the three essentials in his daily routine; Being the first to arrive and the last to leave the gym are usual things for him. Therefore, I began to do practice problems even if it were never been a teacher’s requirement; this is the perfect way not only for breaking down the fundamentals , but also an opportunity to improve my English skills. Allen is a sixteen year veteran, and most of the players at his age are trying out for post-career jobs in other fields. However, Allen does not look like he is going away soon. . There is no excuse for me to give up of trying at the young age of eighteen. I believe life is never wasted as long as I still keep persistence, balance, and hardwork in my life.

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