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”Silas Marner” by George Eliot Essay Sample

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”Silas Marner” by George Eliot Essay Sample

In Chapter 19 of ‘Silas Marner’, Godfrey goes to see Silas to offer to adopt Epees. When he suggests the adoption, Silas reacts by “trembling violently” and when he speaks he does so “faintly”. Silas is upset and because of his distress, he was silent for some moments when Mr. Cass had ended “powerless under the conflict of emotions”. Silas said faintly to Eppie to speak and tells her that, he won’t stand in hers way. We readers feel sorry for Silas as he feels like he has a knife in his heart. He loves Eppie and he can’t reconciliate that he can lose the one thing that he has to live for.

When Eppie refuses Godfrey’s offer, Silas was again stricken in conscience; “For many moments he was mute, struggling for the self-conquest necessary to the uttering of the difficult word. I’ll say no more. Let it be as you will. Speak to the Child. I’ll hinder nothing” Silas loves Eppie enough to make her own decision. Silas tells Eppie that she should carefully think about the offer and be sure that she still wants to live among poor folks when she have a chance to change her life for the better and have the best for everything. As readers we know that Silas is not selfish and he is honest person. He would do anything for Eppie, including putting her happiness before his own. We admire Silas for this.

When Godfrey told to Eppie that he is his biological father Silas speaks with “a touch of parental fierceness” and “accent of bitterness” he challenges Godfrey:”then sir, why didn’t you say so sixteen years ago, and clime her before I’d come to love her, i’stead o’ coming to take her from me now, when you might as well take the heart out o’ my body? God gave her to me because you turned your back upon her, and He looks upon her as mine: you’ve no right to her! When a man turns a blessing from his door, it falls to them as take it in.” Silas is very angry about Godfrey’s behaviour because Silas was the only one who took care of Eppie all those 16years when Godfrey denied her. It’s Silas she’s been calling her father ever since she could say the word. We feel sorry for Silas because he had to take care of Eppie 15 years and now hers biological father comes to his house and tries to offer Eppie when Silas loves her as his real daughter.

When Eppie refuses Godfrey’s offer, she respectfully thanks Mr. and Mrs. Case for their offers, she explains her situation and staying with Silas Marner. In my opinion, we readers feel that Eppie did well when she rejects the offer from heartless Godfrey Silas was the only one who took care of Eppies growth and no one helped him. Eppie loves Silas as her real father and she wants to stay with him till he dies.

Godfrey suggests the adoption by saying; ‘Mrs. Cass and I, you know have no children – nobody to benefit our good home and everything else we have – more than enough for ourselves. And we should like to have Eppie, and treat her in every way as our child. It would be great comfort to you in your old age, I hope, to see her fortune made in that way, after you have been at the trouble of bringing her up so well. Godfrey is trying to manipulate Silas by making him feel that he would be selfish if he said ‘no’ and didn’t want this for Eppie. We readers know that Godfrey is selfish person. He is trying to allure Eppie by saying that she will have everything and she will meet Silas every day.

When Eppie refuses Godfrey’s offer “he felt an irritation inevitable to almost all of us when we encounter an inspected obstacle” In this quote Godfrey felt like that because he knows that his chance to adopt Eppie failing. “He had been full of his own penitence and resolution to retrieve his error so far as the time was left to him” This shows that Godfrey feel sorry what he done and tries to apologise and take the blame for this over those 16 years. But it’s too late and Eppie doesn’t want to leave her father in loneliness. A t this point we readers see that Godfrey’s offer, money and status don’t mean anything compared to love and we admire Eppie’s choice.

Godfrey reveals that he is Eppie’s biological father and says to Marner ‘It is my duty, Marner, to own Eppie as my child and provide for her’. In this quote we can clearly see that Godfrey hasn’t told to Eppie the real truth. ‘She is my own child -her mother was my wife. I have a natural claim on her that must stand before every other’. Godfrey believes that he has more claim than Silas does and also he tells he is Eppie’s biological Father. We readers feel sorry for Eppie; she had to handle so much in a day. We feel sorry for Silas as well, because he was shocked from Godfrey’s words. We can obviously see that Godrey is a selfish and without any conscience. It is ironic that he wants to do his duty how, when Eppie is virtually an adult. He chose to neglect his duty when she was a child so we do not feel that he has the right to demand to adopt her now.

When Eppie refuses Godfrey’s offer, Godfrey looked up at Nancy with “a flushed face and a smarting dilution the eye”. In this quote we see that Godfrey was unable to speak anymore, because he didn’t expected that Eppie to refuse his offer, particularly if she knows that Godfrey is hers biological father. ‘This frustration of a purpose towards which he had set out under exalted consciousness that he was about compensate in some degree for the greatest demerit of his life, made him feel the air of the room stifling’ Godfrey didn’t get anything , feels that his plan has been foiled and it hard to be in the same room with Eppie how that she has refused his offer.

When Godfrey first suggests that she is adopted by him and Nancy, Eppie ‘had quietly passed her arm behind. Silas’s head and let her hand rest against it caressingly. Eppie’s heart was swelling at the sense that her father was in distress; and she was just going to lean down and speak to him’ Eppie wants to comfort her father. At this point we readers feel sorry for Eppie because her heart was swelling at the sense that her father was in distress. This shows that she loves him and that her first concern is for Silas, not herself.

When Eppie first refuses the offer ‘she dropped a law curtsy, first to Mr. Cass and to Mrs. Cass’ Eppie shows sign of suspect and formality: ‘Thank you ma’am – thanks you sir, but I can’t leave my father, nor own anybody nearer than him.’ The first thing that Eppie thought of was Silas that she could lose him as the only closest person to Eppie. Eppie said she didn’t want to be a lady. As readers we agree with Eppie’s choice of staying with Silas. She doesn’t want to be a lady because she’s a village girl and she couldn’t live rich girls’ life. We admire her for decision.

When Godfrey reveals that he is Eppie’s biological father, ‘Eppie had given a violent start and turned quite pale’ Eppie is shocked by what she heard. She couldn’t believe that after 16 years her father has shown up. She turned quite pale with the thought that she has to leave Silas and because she finds out that Godfrey is her father. We readers feel irritation about Godfrey, because he only thinks about his self by saying that he is Eppie’s biological father he didn’t think about Eppie’s feelings.

Godfrey asked Eppie again to come with him but ‘Eppie did not come forward and curtsy, as she had done before. She held Silas’s hand in hers, and grasped it firmly’. Eppie tells them, “I can’t think o’ no happiness without him’ ‘and he took care of me and loved me from the first, and I’ll cleave to him as long as he lives, and nobody shall ever come between him and me” In both of the quotes Eppie gives the reasons why she doesn’t want to leave Silas. It also shows Eppie’s sense of duty and determination. In this paragraph we readers think that Eppie is a honest person and she doesn’t hide what she thinks.

Nancy supports her husband when they initially approach the adoption by showing to Eppie that they have shared interests”. You love a garden, do you my dear? We should agree in that; I give you a deal of time to the garden”. Nancy is trying to support husband by making is seem that she has the same interests with Eppie, in the hope that she will want to come to live with them.

Nancy was trying to support her husband after he reveals that he is Eppie’s father; “Marner was not justifiable in his wish to return Eppie” Nancy said “But her code allowed no question that a father by blood must have a claim above that of any foster-father”. Nancy shows that she has strong views and says that Eppie should be with her real father. Furthermore Nancy is trying to be gentle to Eppie ‘my dear, you’ll be a treasure to me”. Nancy is trying to show to Eppie how much they want her but it also shows that they only thinking of themselves and not of Eppie. As readers we see that Nancy is trying to support her husband as much as she can and she’s trying to do everything to make Eppie come with them but Nancy is only thinking about Godfrey’s wish to adopt Eppie, not about Eppie’s feelings to Silas.

At the end of the chapter, Nancy says “we shall come and see you again. It’s getting late now” In this way she tries to cover her husband’s rudeness by making excuses so they can leave. At the chapter end we readers see how much Nancy is trying to keep the peace between hers husband and Eppie. She sows that he is a supportive wife who want the same as her husband but she is more accepting when she discovers that Eppie will not live with them.

Eliot described Silas Marner as a poor and working man who is a kind and honest and stands up for himself and speaks out against Godfrey. He is rewarded for looking after Eppie (Godfrey’s biological daughter) by her love and devotion to him.

Godfrey Cass -is a rich high status character and, biological father of Eppie. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He doesn’t like not getting his own way, gets angry very easily.

Eliot describes Eppie as an honest and sensitive girl who loves Silas and doesn’t care about money and status which Godfrey offering to her. She loves Silas and doesn’t want to leave him

Eliot describes Nancy as a good, supportive wife of her husband and tries to do everything to make Eppie to come with them.

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