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Of mice and men is a book set in the ‘Great depression’. Thousands of jobs were lost during the dive of mixed emotions. People rushed to withdraw money from their banks. Millions of dollars were taken out of the banking industry, leaving millions of Americans in deep mess. In this book, there are two men who have been circled out and are being followed throughout the book. Their dreams were stated at the start of the story, and constantly brought up throughout it. I will be explaining in my essay why not one of them come true, other characters have dreams too, I will be explain in my essay why these, too, are not destined to come true.

A dream can be anything, from wanting the economic crisis to come to an end, or simply to tend rabbits. Lennie had a dream to tend rabbits, however, it was destined not to come true. ‘Tell me-like you done before… About the rabbits.’ This shows how Lennie couldn’t stop thinking about his dream, for this quote appears many times during the course of the story. It is his dream, which he wants to come true, but little did he know anything about his future; he would get killed before this happened. This dream wasn’t destined to come true.

There were also many other dreams stated throughout the story, one of them being George’s. He wanted to own his own patch of land, to work for himself and not be pushed around by anyone. ‘All we need is to work one more month and we can get away from it all.’ This shows the actions George is willing to do to fulfil his dream. This was said when Candy was involved. Towards the end of the story, it became clear that his dream wasn’t going to become true. Lennie was killed, leaving him with no motivation at all. No more dream.

Candy’s dream also resembles that of George, however, he wanted a patch of land for another reason; he wanted to die somewhere else other than the ranch, he wanted to work in peace, and not be pushed around by anyone.

Another of one of the many dreams within the story is that of a woman. Whenever she is given space for dialogue in the story she states her dream. ‘I could be on the pictures!’ Curley’s wife. Her dream was to be in the movies or the theatre, to become famous and well known. Her dream was first delayed by her mother, then delayed by curly, now ended by Lennie. The dream was not destined to come true.

Crooks. The noble stable buck. He is one of the oldest and loneliest characters in the story. So of course he had a dream. ‘Can you imagine what it’ll be like if you didn’t have George,’ Crooks said this to Lennie, in need of someone to understand his situation. His dream was to have someone to talk to and not to be lonely. But this wasn’t going to come true in his lifetime. For in his time, different races weren’t to be mixed together, they were to stay separated.

In conclusion, all the dreams within the story were not destined to come true. This is shown when all the dreams simply faced a dead end. There was no light at the end of the tunnel. ‘I’ve seen it many times before, they come with the picture of land in their minds, but in the end, they end up with nothing.’ Said by Curley’s wife and crooks, which resembles the story of George and Lennie.

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