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The Silk Road and the Saharan Caravan trade routes had many differences and similarities in their development and the impact on the civilizations they made. They were comparable and diverse in many areas of society such as: the development of the empire and how it all began, architecture and writing that was developed, and the spread of religion throughout the region between 300 BCE – 600 CE. The Silk Road developed between 300 BCE and 600 CE. This is because of how the Silk Road began and started to develop quickly throughout the world. The major step towards development of the Silk Road was because of the Chinese Emperor Wu Di. He became interested in developing commercial relationship with urban civilizations around the world and so he was influenced by them. This not only encouraged the Chinese to trade more but also showed them new things they had not seen before.

This effected the Chinese civilization because this was a major step toward success in the future and many things changed because of trade. They now had different diets from which they could live a more leisure life. The civilization was also effected because of a new thinking government. It was more modern and was more sophisticated. It effected the civilization in a positive way in which there was a lot of development and a learning process. Prior to this time period, Silk Road was the most long distance trader that controlled by the state government. During the Song dynasty private commerce was encourage. Paper currency began to use for purchasing items during the eighth century and became a cause of led of price inflation. However, Silk Road started to fall because of unsafe condition. It got more dangerous for trader in 1227 when Ghengis Khan died and the invasion of Mongols. Many trader used shipping goods by sea using the Maritime Route.

Saharan caravan trade Route developed 7th–14th century. It took place between the Mediterranean Sea and the land of Sub Saharan Africa. Saharan started to get famous because of exchanged gold. In Middle Ages, slaves were sent north to serve as domestic servants. Arabs became on of the most country that involved in trade and supported in Saharan under the emperor Mansa Musa. The Golden Age King had most influenced because of Mansa Musa’s success welcomed Islam into Africa. He controlled some of the gold trade routes and with his Famous trip to Mecca, sparked people started to interest in Mali. Saharan trade routes grew larger. However, the increase of Portugal journeys to Africa around 16th century and the creation of European ports were the cause of decline of Saharan.

Even though Silk Road and Saharan were expanded and ended in different time period. However, there were both used for the exchange of long distance goods across long land. The journeys were very difficult depending on weather conditions, not to mention were extremely long. There helped to spread religions across the world such as: Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism. Trade brought wealth, foreign products, spread of religion and diseases as well. Yet, the geography, methods of transportation and safety risks was all differences with each other because of their culture. Obvious Silk Road used camels, donkeys, and horses for transportation on desserts, river, and grasslands. Trader got stealing well. Meanwhile, Saharan used camels and caravans on plains, desserts. Trader brought their disease through many country with them.

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