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About 16% of children are raised by a single mother due to divorce, neglect and separation from their former spouse. In the novel “Room” is comparable to many difficulties that women within society experience while raising a child by themselves. The character portrayed by Ma acts as the biological mother for Jack. Ma has experienced extreme physical, emotional, physiological and spiritual abuse. Much of the suffering that is portrayed by Ma can be analyzed through young single women today and from the journal Single Mothers by Choice: Disrupting Dominant Discourses of the Family through Social Justice Alternatives by Jennifer Ajandi.

In the novel “Room” it’s clear that Ma is a struggling single mother that has been trapped in a room by a man named “Old Nick”. Throughout the novel it is evident that Ma is a striving portal of a mother’s devotion. She tries everything in her power to make Jack feel the love, support and protection any parent can give their child. “But what if Old Nick doesn’t uncut the power and he doesn’t bring more food, not ever ever ever? … “He will,” she says still breathing gulpy. … “I’m nearly a hundred percent sure he will” (Donoghue, 93). Here, Jack is scared about possible not receiving his food, Ma consoles him and tells him that she is well aware that Old Nick will bring him food she starts to reconnects that hope within Jack.

In comparison, in the journal Single Mothers Jenn a single mother of a 2 year old describes her struggle and strength while raising her son. Jenn states, that when she got pregnant with her child she was happy and excited to start a family with the man she loved. However after her partner found out about the pregnancy he left her, leaving her to raise a child all by herself. Young and unaware of the situation Jenn she raised her child and didn’t allow him to feel any emptiness for love. “I raise my child with own values and do not need to negotiate these decisions with a partner. My son is happy; he has all the love he can ever get.” (Ajandi, 418) To finish off, it is marked that a mother will go and do anything in her power to give keep her kid as happy as she can.

Numerous single mothers in today’s society are emotionally and physically scared of their former partner which concludes to leaving the house hold. In “Room” Ma is scared of Old Nick and it is shown repeatedly throughout the novel. “Nothing makes Ma scared except Old Nick maybe. Mostly she calls him just him, (Donoghue, 12). In addition, as Jack is eating his breakfast he questions the silence in the room thinking something might have happened at night. “It’s very quiet when I switch off the water. I wonder did Old Nick come in the night… Maybe he squished her neck even harder and now she’s — (Donoghue, 61).

Ma is being abused by Old Nick; however she is not able to leave the situation or “Room” because when she tried escaping before Old Nick twisted her wrist. Abuse is common with many women all around the world. Julianne from the journal she describes her abuse from her ex-partner while he was picking up their son. “Began using derogatory language towards her and calling her names. While he was holding their young son he slammed her against the wall.” (Ajandi, 420). To end off it is seen in both sources that many single mothers end up in a abusive relationship and follows them for a very long time and these two women have suffered a lot of abuse due to being a single parent.

In conclusion, it is evident throughout the novel “Room” by Emma Donoghue and the journal Single Mothers by Choice: Disrupting Dominant Discourses of the Family through Social Justice Alternatives by Jennifer Ajandi that there are many hardships that single mothers have to go through to raise a child such as put aside your fears and problems to keep your child positive and abuse from ex-partners or caretakers. Even through everything single mothers go through they still find away to keep their child out of harm’s way to they can live a happy life even if they went through a lot of hardships to get where they are today.

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