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Thesis statement:
“Then I met, or rather got to know, the lady who threw me my first life line.”

This story is about a young lady named Marguerite Johnson who looks up to and admires a woman named Mrs. Flowers. She describes Mrs. Flowers as a beautiful and intelligent woman that is “our sides answer to the richest white woman in town.” Marguerite was a smart girl who did well in school but had a problem with speaking in class. Mrs. Flowers heard that Marguerite had looked up to her, and that she shared a common interest in reading, but also knew about her problem in school. She invited Marguerite back to her house for cookies and lemonade, and made an attempt to get to know her better. Mrs. Flowers read to Marguerite, as she was in awe of Mrs. Flowers voice. She said it was like listening to music, or a hymn in a book. At the end of their day with each other Mrs. Flowers gave her a reading assignment to help her out. Marguerite was amazed that Mrs. Flowers did all this for her as she went home and this was the begining of a relationship between Marguerite and Mrs. Flowers.

“Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with the shades of deeper meaning.”

This story can be compared to or related to many stories, it just depends on what aspect you look at it. I looked at this as a lack of confidence. People should take this story and thrive on it to reach out to our youth to help them in whatever areas they may fall short in. It doesnt have to be in just school, it can be helping someone with their jump shot, rebuilding a computer, or putting a new engine in an old school Corvette car. It also doesnt only have to be our youth but can also be our peers. A lot of us as adults have this same problem but is too afraid to admit it. If we cant conqueror our fears as adults then how can we help the children of our future. You should always be willing to give a helping had because you never know who is admiring you and that could also be the same person to come back and help you when you least expect it. I liked how Mrs. Flowers took Marguerite to her house and showed her that she care about her and that she can communicate with other people in her class. Not only did this inspire her to do better but it made her feel so special because she gave her the one on one attention that may have been needed to inspire this child. Confidence plays an important role to the outcome of everyones performances and you tend to have a “can do” approach to school and work.

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