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How are you? I have been back in Singapore for three days and am starting to miss you and the amazing places in Hong Kong. First and foremost, I would like to thank you and your family for offering me your house to stay in during my stay at Hong Kong. I had enjoyed my stay in Hong Kong especially the last day when we visited the Hong Kong Disney Land where all the amusement rides were very interesting. However nothing could beat the amazing fireworks display that night. The fireworks that were shot out from the castle actually follow the beat of the music that was being played during the show. The most memorable thing in the entire trip was the cruise that we boarded to play with the exotic albino dolphins. I had never dreamt that albino dolphin would be pink in colour as albino creatures are usually white in colour. Hence, the trip was actually an eye-opener for me.

The dolphins there were so adorable but I heard that albinos are often rejected by the non-albinos as they do not look the same. There is actually one dolphin that swam extremely close to me and I had a chance to touch it! Its skin is so smooth and slippery! However, I also remember haggling over the price of the wallet I bought. I have to admit that had dampened my mood a little. Thanks to you teaching me the tactic of walking away and coming back later to score a better deal by feigning interest. In the end, I managed to get the wallet at a good price. I really hope to hear from you soon as I have many amazing things to show you in Singapore. Hear from you soon. Regards,

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