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Introduction of TOPIC

The style inventory survey instrument provided by Peter Northouse is used to create a management skills profile. The skills inventory assists you in understanding how leadership skills are measured and what your own skills might be. Your scores on the inventory will give you a sense of your own leadership competencies and helps to understand in what areas you are better than others.

In summary my scores are as follow: 22 for Technical skills, 23 for Human skills and 22 for conceptual skills. I want to look into my results in three different categories. Technical skills: These skills are job-specific knowledge and techniques. The specific kinds of technical skills depend upon the manager’s position in the organization. Looking at my background I started my college with a degree in Computer Science. This degree helped me learn and build my foundation to get involved with the IT industry. After graduating Form College I started my work as a developer at a startup, which gave me a chance to learn the foundation of every software and platform, and also the way that companies process. After that I joined Autonomy as a technical consultant. Having the technical background gave me a lot of help in order to build my knowledge

in Content Management. Being part of the professional services and working with client I improved my

consulting and customer interaction skills. All these foundation lead me into my current position as a manager at Accenture in Content Management with strong technical skills.

Human Skills: These skills include the ability to understand, alter, lead, and control the behavior of people and groups. The ability to communicate, to coordinate and motivate people, is the principal difference between effective and ineffective managers. Having a mix of Driver and Expressive social skills I’ve always had the interest of leading teams since childhood. In my opinion Human skills are a mix of genetic and skills that you can learn through lifetime. Reading books, shadowing great leaders, having a strong mentor and practicing these skills are some of the great ways that has helped me pick up these skills. Taking management and leadership conferences and classes helped me learn a lot from others. Managing different teams both onshore and offshore during the past few years has been a great experience for me on following my path to become a strong leader. I believe there is still a lot for me to improve and I think having a great mentor within my company is a great way for me to achieve this.

Conceptual Skills: These skills include the ability to analyze a situation and distinguish between cause and effect. Senior level managers require high conceptual skills because their primary responsibilities are planning and organizing the long-term vision of the organization. Conceptual skills are often gained through formal education, reflection, and experience. I believe this is the area that I need the most improvement. In my company we have classes, which are specifically dedicated to improve these skills. One the consultants reach the manager level, they are required to attend these classes. Also teaming up and following Senior Level managers is a mandatory part objective for us in order to reach Senior Level and higher within the company.

Overall Effective leaders need all three skills and must remain flexible to use that which is needed depending on the situation.

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