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Slavery and indentured servants in America Essay Sample

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Slavery and indentured servants in America Essay Sample

Slavery and indentured servants were the initials means of help for wealthy in America. Either as a slaves or indentured servants their initial job was to work in the fields to maintain crops because there was lots of land for crops but there wasn’t anybody to take care of it. They also work as a house servant or whatever their owner tells them to do. Slavery and indenture servants both were brought to the new world in horrible condition and many die along their way. They both worked for no pay and they had no control over their working lives.

Servants agreed to work for 4-7 years in exchange for passage, room, board, lodging and freedom dues. Many different types of people became indentured servants. Slaves were brought to America against their will. The idea of indentured servants was for cheap labor. The life of an indentured servant was harsh and restrictive in 17754 as Gottlieb Mittelbeger described. Their life wasn’t the easy one. The real misery starts during the long voyage from Holland to England. Unless they have a good wind its sometimes takes 10 to 12 weeks to reached Philadelphia but the best wind the voyage lasts for 7 weeks only.

During the voyage, they didn’t have enough food to eat, they were sick and thirsty. They wishing to go back to home. Many people whimper and cry for their homes, most of them were homesick. “During the voyage, there is on board these ships terrible misery stench, fumes, horror, many kind of seasickness, fever, dysentery, headache, heat, constipation, boil, scurvy, cancer, mouth-rot, and the like, all of which come from old and sharply salted food and, eat, also from bad foul water, so that many die miserably’’ (pra. 4). After the ship have landed to Philadelphia, no one can leave unless they pay for their passage.

Whoever cannot pay, must remain on the ship until someone purchase them and they can only leave with their purchasers. Sick one face the worst because everyone buys the healthy looking one and sick one stay in the ship, sometimes they remain there for two to three weeks and frequently die. Many parents sell or trade away their children. Their parents don’t even know where and to what people their children are going to. After they get sold, usually they don’t see each other for long time, maybe no more in all their lives.

If both of their parents die when they are young and they don’t have nothing to pay and free their-self then they must stay there until they turn 21. If runway has been away from his muster even for a one day, he must serve for him as a punishment if their master decides. Sometimes if the master doesn’t want to keep them then master would sell him for so many years as he would have to serve him yet. After they serve their term, they get opportunity to get marry to that country they been served, if they get married then they must have to pay for their wife or husband would have yet to serve.

Some negative aspects of servitude included the facts that the master retained the right to prohibit their freedom and could sell them at any time without their consent. indentured servant\’s contract could be extended as punishment for breaking a law, such as running away. If slave ran away and get caught then their punishment would be intense. Sometimes their terms could be extended. Often runway would have sold to far away, where it would be harder to escape for them. This happen when master cannot keep the runway after he got them back.

Running away was the most common evidence, indicate that indentured servitude was an unsatisfactory labor system and if their master has treated them harshly but they can’t go too far. Runway would be soon recovered because there was an advertisement for runway servants, placed by their masters in eighteenth -century newspapers in Virginia, Georgia and South Carolina. The rewards were offer very large, if anybody can capture them and bring them back to their master. Example of an advertisements from the Virginia Gazette (Williamsburg), 1736-1737.

Runaway lately from the Bristol company’s Iron Works, in King George County, a servant man named James Summers, a West Country man, and speaks thick, he is short thick fellow, with short black hair and a ruddy complexion. Whoever secures the said servant and brings him to the iron works, or to the Hon. John Taylor, in Richmond County, or gives notice of him, so as he may be had again, shall be well rewarded beside what the law allows. ” Such advertisements often describe several characteristics: clothing, personal appearance, and bodily adornment; special trades or skills, linguistic, and ethnic or cultural origins of African-Americans.

Scars from disease or punishment. Reward are also mentioned. In conclusion, there was many similarities between the lives of these unfree labor and were freed after to go and prosper. At some point, United State constitution ended slavery. Both were the property of his owner. Indentured servants are people who were willing to work to get transportation, land, clothes, food, or shelter instead of money but none of them is not allowed to own property, earn money for their services or vote.

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