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Slavery vs. Abortion Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

“Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use violence to get what they want. That is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion.” Mother Teresa
“Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally.” ABRAHAM LINCOLN, speech, Mar. 17, 1865

I have been thinking a lot lately. I remember all those history classes back in grade school about slavery. All the documentaries I have seen of the cruelty against slaves. I began to think of the similarities between slavery and another hard topic, abortion. I began to think about the torture and killing. How helpless both the slaves and the unborn were and are. How many slave owners knew it was wrong but still participated in it. Abortion, in its torture of killing a child, and the child’s lack of rights to stop it because the unborn not being considered as human yet, is very similar to slavery. Slavery versus abortion is a very controversial topic but not many people can see similarities between both. Being anti-slavery and anti-abortion is not just contrasting but can also be compared. There are numerous studies and campaigns, which correlate the two.

Slavery is a civil relationship whereby one person has absolute power over another and controls his life, liberty, and fortune. This being said, slavery to some is the ownership of one human being to a master. Slavery was legal in the United States from 1619 – 1865 before finally the government abolished it. The thought of owning people that can think and feel that are just as human as all of us is hard to fathom. The early slaves were not considered humans at the time. They were inferior and not thought of as anything but property. The slaves were forced to work all day with absolutely nothing in return. They were stripped of everything they knew or cared about. The slave owners controlled every aspect of the slave’s life. They could be tortured, beaten, whipped, or even killed. It was all up to the slave’s master. Abortion is an operation or other procedure to terminate pregnancy. Abortion is legal in the United States and has since 1973. Abortion is known today as an easy way out. If one does not want to be a parent abortion is a viable option in todays culture.p> Yes both of these things are different in certain ways; one being

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that slavery was the ownership of a person whereas abortion is not. Abortion is legal while slavery is not. Most Americans today would say they were against slavery but for abortion, but has anyone really stopped to look at the similarities between both slavery and abortion? The slaves were brought to America by force. They had no rights and no power what so ever. They were helpless as people to do anything to help themselves. This point correlates to an unborn child as well. The fetus is powerless and helpless to do anything to help itself. It is all up to the master or the parent; they decided the fate of both the slave and the unborn child. When you look back in history you will see that the slaves were not even considered humans. They were property, an inferior race that were even less than animals. In this case doctors do not consider the fetus to be a human either. A fetus that has a heartbeat, hands, feet, and can even hear is not considered a human being. The unborn is inferior to the born just like the slaves were inferior to their masters. The slaves were not allowed to speak for themselves.

They had to do exactly what they were told at all times no matter how difficult or dangerous the task might be. They also could not speak up and tell anyone that they did not want to be separated from their family members. They had no rights. The same thing is true about a fetus. They cannot speak for themselves. They are incapable of asking the mothers or doctors to let them live. They have no rights as inferiors. Both slavery and abortion leads to murder. With slavery when a slave was no longer useful or was considered a bad slave, the slave owners could just kill them. The reason for the killing would just be because they could and it got rid of a problem in their eyes. Abortion is the same way. When a child is not wanted you can kill it by aborting it. The reason behind aborting being: just because the child is an inconvenience, and because the parent can and it be legal. In both it is eliminating a problem in the slave owner or parent’s mind. Both slavery and abortion made money off of people being victimized. Why did slaves become so prevalent in the United States? The answer to that is money. The owners bought the slaves but after they were bought the labor was done for free.

The masters had the easy life and never had to do all the hard work. With abortion clinics the doctors make money off of killing the unborn. The unborn is being victimized for the making of money. Money makes people’s minds turn morality into nothing as long as there is a profit involved. People in todays society can see and understand the tortures of slavery, but do not fully understand the torture that abortion does to the child. Slaves were beaten, starved, and worked to death. They could be tortured anytime and for any reason. In the case of abortion the child is being ripped apart limb by limb. The body discarded in a bucket of blood. If that is not torture then what is? Comparing these two huge topics I began to think how different our world might be if people stopped to think in new ways. What changes we could make for the better. Most people have not even thought that it was possible to compare two topics like these. The differences are more often thought about between slavery and abortion. Slavery in all its hideousness is comparable to the hideousness that we call abortion.

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