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Road sweeper is undoubtedly to sweep the floor, which is a cleaning tool, is divided into ordinary type, electric type, mechanical type, but the sweeper is a more advanced cleaning tools, light and convenient, time-saving, simple operation, and love with, any hard surface flooring, wood, marble, tile, plywood the mud, polishing floor can be used, and can remove any dust, hair, sand, iron broken etc.. The sweeping machine is suitable for hotels, shopping malls, like building and other major public places, it can put the dust sweep away, let the ground such as. The small make up to recommend several small efficient sweeping machine. Product features: large double power vehicle type automatic sweeping machine, comprising a number of patented technologies, is a perfect combination of high performance and intelligence. The main brush width is 800mm, plus two side brush, sweep width can reach 1460mm.

Bin capacity up to 150L, the total filtration area of dust filter of 6 square meters, can also automatically shake the dust. The technology of NDC system, turning the side brush will automatically move to the inner side, to ensure that no waste residue ground; brush special automatic balance system (SLS), can be automatically adjusted, underground pressure keeps constant. Preset three cleaning procedures, respectively, to adapt to different environment, simple operation. Efficient garbage dumping system, lifting and dumping can respectively control the dustbin, garbage can be up to 1.43 metres from the ground. Durable, steel chassis, its surface after coating processing completely, the anti-collision design to maximize the protection of the internal parts.

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