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1. What criteria did  use to determine the suitability of Japan as an international market for SnoVac products? What criteria did he not use? What may have been the impact on the success of Sno’s marketing plan of his choice of criteria?

The criteria were determinate by the size of the market, and also for the Australia time zone. Sno didn’t use travelling, labelling, and quarantine criteria about Australia. The marketing strategy that Sno used was focused on Japan.

2. Was Sno ready to market his products in Japan? In what way did he demonstrate readiness? Where did he fall short?

Yes, they made an identification of target segments and marketing options before bring the product to Japan. Sno recognized in Japan some issues about packaging and labeling, they did considered that they have better standards; for example, the same that they used with their customers in Australia. They also have an advantage in traveling time and money, it means that Japanese Market is relative same in size as Australia market.

3. What was Sno’s positioning strategy?

The strategy of Snow in positioned a product with “Long-life chaff” that they were promoting with a premium pricing of 30% about competitive products.

4. What additional data would have been helpful to prioritise Sno’s marketing options for Japanese market?

They can add data about possible customers in Japan that can spend money in feeding horses. Also, they can get percentages of dairy farm and other mains customers.

5. What issues was Sno likely to encounter culturatelly with his current plan?

They did not establish any kind of contact with the Japanese market, and this is really important to Japanese people. So did not accept the invitation, and this could be an issue because culturally Japan is a country where relationship is essential. Another issue could be the language, and Sno has had to deal with this issue.

6. What targeting strategy did Sno use?

They used concentrated strategy, and they studied specific segments, and markets. Therefore, Snow identified just owners and trainers of race horses in Japan, and also dairy industry.

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