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Have you ever took the time to think about how 7th grade was? Have you ever thought about how different 7th grade is from 6th? Well, that is what most of this essay is about.i will also be discussing the most challenging class I have this year,what I can ensure success in my classes, my favorite class and why, my greatest accomplishment this year, three goals I have for the rest of the year and the strategies I have for accomplishing those goals.

7th grade is almost totally different from 6th. The teachers make you learn things more on your own, and you have to be way more responsible. 7th grade gets challenging, have to always be prepared and you can’t forget things. You become more independent, and learn to manage you time.

Out of all my classes I would say that history is the hardest. My teacher doesn’t really teach, she just tells you to do stuff and then tests you on it. I find it hard to teach myself because when I take tests I remember what the teacher said in class. Studying doesn’t always work for me. The most challenging assignment I had this year, was probably the essay I had on Book Burning and Banning. Even though we were in a group, we still had problems getting things together. Mostly my friend and I stayed in touch and got the essay together. I think I could succeed in history if I ask questions. That might help in all of my classes.

My favorite class so far this year would probably be science. We do a lot of drawing and we got to use a microscope. We do things in class that helps us remember what we are learning. My 2nd favorite class in English because it is so easy. The only challenging thing in the class are Book Talks, only because we have to speak in front of the class. I like writing, but I don’t like reading much. I only like specific books. I don’t like books I don’t understand.

My greatest accomplishment this year has probably been getting 50/50 on all of my reading logs. My teacher says that most of the class doesn’t do so well. It is pretty simple to do. While you read a book, you have to do entries. An entry starter looks like this: At the beginning of the book I thought…………… or, I like the way the writer……………… We have to do 10 of them, and they are worth 5 points each.

Three goals I have for the rest of the year are:
Getting A’s and B’s in my classes.
To be able to fluently speak Spanish. And,
Staying in A.V.I.D.
I hope to achieve these goals by practicing and doing my work. I also have to work on turning things in ON TIME. That ill help me keep my grades up. The same will work for learning Spanish. By keeping my grades up I will be able to stay in A.V.I.D.

Now you have an idea of what 7th grade is like for me. As well as how totally different 7th and 6th grade are, to me. I also informed you with with what classes I find challenging, fun and easy. I also mentioned what my greatest accomplishment, so far, this year and three goals I have for the rest of the year. I hope you enjoyed reading my essay.

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