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Specific Purpose: To demonstrate my audience how to do soccer tricks and learn the basics of soccer. Central idea/Thesis: It is important to educate and preserve the basics and tricks of soccer. Introduction: How many people have watched the World Cup this summer or any World Cup? If yes, I will be demonstrating soccer tricks what the professional soccer players have used during their games. But before I demonstrate how to do the tricks, I will teach you how to learn the basics of soccer such as dribbling, passing, and kicking. It is essential to learn the basics before you learn the tricks because it will help your tricks come out smoother and clear. First, when dribbling a soccer ball you must dribble it with the outside of your foot where the top part of your shoe is. You do not want to dribble with your toes because it will not go in the right direction as you want it to go. When passing a soccer ball you must pass it with the inside of your foot. You always want to square your shoulders so that it is facing the person you are passing the ball to because it will help make the pass more accurate. Lastly, knowing how to kick the ball is very prominent when playing soccer.

You do not want to kick the ball with your toe because you can break, fracture, or injure it. Therefore, you want to kick the ball with where your laces are. Now that we have learned the basics, I will demonstrate how to learn some cool soccer tricks. The Step-Over is stepping over the ball with your right foot and then you kick the ball out with the opposite foot (left foot) towards the left direction. The scissor is stepping your right foot towards the ball. After your have done that you want to kick the ball out with the right foot towards the right direction. The Maradona is you first put your right foot on the ball. Next, you change your direction so that your left foot is on the ball and you want to be facing the opposite direction. Lastly, you want to drag your left foot with the ball. Don’t forget to keep practicing your tricks so you can show off to your friends and family. Remember to work on your basics soccer skills before you attempt the tricks because it will help you get good control of the ball. I hope you learned a lot about soccer and continue to play using these basics and tricks!

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