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The opportunity to play a world cup or play in two famous teams is unique. This is the dream of all the young people that want to play soccer and be the best football soccer player. The wish to be a professional soccer player, the wish to be a champion, the wish to be the best soccer player, the wish to be famous. This dream lives in all the people of the world, but the most part lives in all the young people. David Beckham is one of the kids that has this dream and made it happen. Although David Beckham had to overcome hardships because of his abilities and skills, scoring, achievements, and awards, he can be considered one of the best football soccer players in the world. David Beckham was born the 02 of May of 1975 (“David Beckham” Internet). He was born in London, the son of two fanatical Manchester United fans. Son of David Edward Alan “Ted” Beckham (B. Edmonton, London, July – September 1948) an employee of a factory ok kitchen equipment, and his wife (M. London Borough of Hackney, 1969) Sandra Georgina west (B. 1949) she was a hairdresser Jewish.

When he was a child, regularly played football soccer in Ridgeway Park, Chingford. He went to school in Chase Lane Primary school and Chingford Foundation. Although he attended Tottenham Hotspur’s school of excellence, his heart was in the northwest and he signed a schoolboy contract with Manchester United on his 14th birthday (“David Beckham January 03 2012” Internet). While David Beckham was focused on his carrier he met a girl and fell in love, by 1999 Beckham married singer Victoria Adams, best known as “Posh Spice” of the Spice Girls pop Group, in a lavish ceremony. The intense media attention to the couple increased Beckham’s popularity around the world, as did his style of dress and ever-changing hairstyles. In 2003 he was made an officer of the British Empire (“Beckham David” Internet).

Manchester United put in trial David Beckham; he made his first debut with the team Manchester united the September 23rd of 1992 against Brighton (A) FA Cup (“David Beckham” Internet). Manchester United being famous with his best football soccer player David Beckham, he made a total score of 85 goals with the team Manchester United, he played the position of midfielder, the total appearances of David Beckham with this team was 394 times. After this team, David Beckham made a switch to Real Madrid but not before picking up his fifth premiership medal and signing off in style with a final free kick goal in his last game against Everton (“David Beckham” Internet). David Beckham being the best football soccer player because he played for Real Madrid for four seasons, from 2003 to 2007, David Beckham the English man was set to face Real Madrid for second time, since leaving the club, has a personal conversation with the coach José Mourinho and with his team mates Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Arebeloa and Xabi Alonso (“David Beckham at Real Madrid” Internet).

David Beckham had big obstacles on his life when he tore his Achilles tendon while playing for AC. Milan in March 2010 and was ruled out for the 2010 tournament. Even the trend – setter, Beckham introduce the world to the word metatarshal when he broke his foot in a champions league match against Deportivo la Coruna but recovered in time to score a redemptive penalty against Argentina in the world cup (“David Beckham” Internet). David Beckham produced big news for the entire world when in 1996 he played his first game on England’s national team in a world cup qualifying match, at the 1998 world cup he drew much criticism after he was ejected from a game for kicking an opponent, England lost the match and was eliminated from the competition (“Beckham David” Internet).

David Beckham was considered the best soccer player because he spent years marauding up Manchester’s right wing, Manchester’s contributed to the most successful period in the club’s history, and his 57-yards strike against Wimbledon has become one of the most replayed goals of all time. He followed in the footsteps of his boyhood idol Bryan Robson by becoming captain of England, and has also become the only England player to score in three different world cup finals (“David Beckham” Internet). David Beckham was the leader by the year 2000 when he was made captain of the national team, at the 2002 and 2006 world cups, England was defeated in the quarterfinals. After the 2006 tournament, Beckham stepped down as captain, and he was later dropped from England’s national team. He was recalled to the team in 2007 and the following year he posted his 100th international appearance, becoming the fifth person to do so in the history of English football soccer. Beckham was poised to be the first English man to appear in four world cups (“Beckham David” Internet).

David Beckham was still a good player but he retired from the majors leagues but was hired in the Galaxy – Los Angeles team. Leiweke The coach of Galaxy team said “David is going to get us attention as a league, a sport and a team, and whether it’s good or bad attention, he is going to take us to the next level.” (“Beckham, David 1975” 3). The Galaxy team’s successful 2011 regular season is considered particularly the contributions of David Beckham (“Beckham, David 1975” 1). David Beckham being famous, he is a celebrity and an icon beyond sports, with as many endorsements as he has teammates (“David Beckham” Internet). David Beckham is known like the richest and the and the best – know player in soccer, the world’s most popular game. (“David Beckham” Internet).

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