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Social cognitive theory (SCT) argues that individuals acquire knowledge through observation of others in the social interactions, media and experiences. As such, people learn behavior through human survival and replication of behavioral traits of other individuals in society (Coreil, 2008). The theoretical framework aids in comprehension of behavioral patterns of patients and their families since it is possible to associate a single individual behavior with that of the surrounding population. Further, the behavior of patients is a replica of the family members’ behavior because of the assumption that the two share a common social setting. Therefore, managing and taking care of the patients in the hospitals entails taking into consideration the behavioral activities of the family members.

Nursing theory and borrowed theories have the similarity of simplicity and offering a guideline for critical thinking, as well as decision-making process. As such, the theories support evidence-based practice where nurses have to adopt a structure, which ensures that they deliver quality health care to patients (Alligood, 2013). Further, these theories have the similarity of being logical in nature, population focused and increasing knowledge through research. An example of this similarity is the need theory and social cognitive theory.

The borrowed theory to work with the need theory is the planned behavior theory. Planned behavior theory has a focus on cognitive factors, which influence the intention of an individual to perform a behavior. Such a theory provides room for comprehending the behavioral patterns development among individuals. As such, it is possible to have an effective nursing practicum, which will achieve the intended objectives in an effective manner. Moreover, the theory will assist in comprehending behavioral activities of the graduate students.

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