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Factors related to housing, such as overcrowding in housing, housing tenure type and homelessness have potential impacts on health. The effects of overcrowding occur in combination with other environmental health factors such as poor water quality and sanitation, which are associated with increased risk of infectious diseases such acute rheumatic fever, tuberculosis, and skin and respiratory infections (Department of Health, 2012). High rates of rheumatic heart disease among Indigenous Australians are largely due to an increased exposure to Streptococcus pyogenes, related to overcrowding and poor living conditions (Hickie et al., 2011).

Socio Economic:

Education and Employment:

Indigenous people have less accessibility to education facilities. This results in poor literacy rate because of which people cannot use the health information fully. Education level is directly associated with employment. People who have higher education levels are most likely to get a good job. Poorer income reduces accessibility of health care services and medicines (Department of Health, 2012).

Health Behaviors:
Behaviors such a high alcohol consumption and smoking are the high risk factors in CVD. Two out of 5 Indigenous Australians aged 15 and over (41%) were current daily smokers in 2012–13 ( Smoking and alcohol consumption results in conditions such as hypertension, CVD etc.

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