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Social Health Science Essay Sample

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Social Health Science Essay Sample

These are the abbreviations for Auditory Processing Disorder. It is a disease where different malfunctions interfere with the way the brain interprets hearing data. People with this malfunction can hear, it’s just that they have problems in sound interpretation. The ears and the brain of such people have a problem in working together. Note that not all communication defaults are caused by APD. This disease can be caused by a number of things like infections of the ear, one hurting their heads, slow growths etc.

When dealing with such people, you will identify that they have difficulty in differentiating sounds e. . bat from fat, beak from pick, down from town etc. Note that this people do not have a problem with hearing, they can clearly hear but they are just unable to group, differentiate and prioritize the sounds they hear. These may not necessarily be accompanied by other malfunctions like blindness whether partial or complete, being crippled etc. People with this problem may repeat words that are being spoken to them without understanding the meaning. Sometimes it is so serious that the people with this malfunction do not know that they have a problem.

It may also affect their reading and writing ability (Weiten, 2008). What has that got to do with you? The reason why we are diagnosing you with this malfunction is because you seem to have difficulties in hearing sound especially in a noisy environment. Normally unless it is very noisy, people can hear and actually do what they can hear without misinterpretation, but in your case, you are unable to coordinate what you have heard and your actions. You seem to have difficulty in concentrating when there is a noise background noise like when there is music playing, people talking, children playing etc.

Sometimes you may find yourself picking a tooth brush instead of a hairbrush as instructed crying instead of lying etc. Tale tells signs Different people show different signs. Some people have difficulty in concentrating and remembering words given verbally. They are better off with what they see. Others have problems concentrating on what they are told especially when they are told two things at the same time e. g. pick a bucket and fetch water or take the car keys and hand them over to the teacher. Some have trouble doing activities with many stages especially given verbally.

They can only carry out one stage at a time e. g. you can only tell them to walk out the door, then go down the stairs, then go to the shop but not give all the instructions at once (Goldsworthy, 2003). Some people seem to have listening skills that are below average. They even go to the extent of speaking slowly for they see as if you are also experiencing the same difficulty. People with this disorder take some time to internalize what they have heard. they take more time to respond to instructions given sometimes you may think that they are being snobbish or rude e. g. ou may find one taking time to pick up a book he has been asked by a teacher.

Some people start withdrawing from places which are noisy such as pubs, social functions playgrounds etc. People with this disorder like it when a communication is written more than verbal. This gives them the advantage of reading it on their own, internalizing it, and performing the task at their own pace. Using phones becomes a big challenge to such people as this entirely depends on hearing unlike when talking to someone face to face where there is the aid of mouth and hand movement, facial expressions, which help the person understand more.

Some people tend to withdraw themselves from the others. They are afraid others are going to bully them, laugh at them or even mock publicly. Others are afraid that they might embarrass their friends and their family members and others just feel that they are abnormal. This normally occurs at the advanced stages. Since this people might have difficulty in following a certain story line or keep up with the pace of the others, they normally have few or no friends at all. They have a poor social life. I know you have noticed some of this signs in yourself or even in other can help other people.

Do not be afraid for we can help you cope with it and in return you can help others (Roeser & Downs, 2004). The battery test To diagnose one with this disorder, there are a number of tests that need to be carried out. One of the tests is called the dichotic digits test. Here, I will hold two digits on each of your ears simultaneously and ask you to say them again. For example, I will pronounce numbers 2 on one year and number 4 on the other year simultaneously and ask you to repeat. I will pronounce another number seven on one ear and number ten in another year and ask you to repeat.

This test is done to make the patient ignore what is brought to one ear and concentrate on the target year. I can bring forth other words like sugar in one year and bread in another, tiger in one year and thread in the other (Lasky, 1983). Another test that can be done is a nu-6 low pass filtered speech. This is done in order to know whether a person can understand and say the words again. I will bring forth altered words or short sentences in each of the ears and then you will say them again e. g. ‘I __ going to the river’, on the right ear and then ‘__am going to eat a piece of liver’, on the left ear.

I will continue saying more words that have gaps, ask them to repeat and see whether they understand the meaning. The general aim of this test is to know whether a patient can understand and fill in the missing words. Another test that can be done is the speech in noise test. This is done in order to know whether a person can correctly pronounce back words given to him especially in a noisy background. I will say some words or short sentences in a noisy background (in babble) and evaluate whether the person will say the words back and say them correctly. The masking level difference is a test that can be carried out.

This is done in order to know whether one can relate sounds heard in both ears. I will pronounce two different words in the two different ears, having a parallel background noise and see whether the person can relate (Bellis, 2003). The management plan There is no cure or sure way of treating APD (auditory processing disorder). This has made it some how difficult for persons with this disorder to appreciate life and ‘feel normal’ or even socialize with others. There is also no particular therapeutically approach that can be said works on all patients. One approach can work very well on one patient and not work so well on another.

The main idea is to recognize the patient’s major weaknesses and derive a therapy that will best work for them. Management and treatment of this disorder is directed on three regions: deriving greater skills to remedy the malfunction, having another studying and talking area and try to amend the hearing malfunction itself. The acquiring and use of electrical gadgets can help in the remedy of the hearing ability. I can ask the parents or guardian to remove buy this gadgets prescribed by an audiologist (Valente, Hosford-Dunn & Roeser, 2008). In school, teachers may and can also help towards the management of this disorder.

This may be accomplished by paying more attention to the particular student. They start by making arrangements so that the student sits in front of the class. They may use teaching or learning aids more in comparison with just teaching verbally. They can engage the particular persons more in discussions so that the student doesn’t feel left out. Using actions such as facial expressions, hand movement and any other movements that might assist in expressing what one is talking about (McCauley, 2001). Using the blackboard rather than just speaking might go a long way in helping the student concentrate in class and follow what is going on.

The teachers can also go an extra mile and offer extra tuition classes to the affected student. This will help the student catch up with what he/she might have lost or not gotten in the course of the normal classes. It is also important that they provide a quieter environment so that the student can improve on concentration. To avoid the student feeling as if he/ she are a special case, teachers can include other students who are weak in certain subjects. Having class activities that involve both visual and oral activities is also very important.

For example, they may have someone tell a story with just describing certain pictures brought forth (Royal College of Physicians, 2009). The teachers also have a role to play in helping the other kids accept these students. This is done by helping the other students know that different people were created differently and that we have no control on how were born. They help the students understand that regardless of our situations or states, we all need to be loved and feel that we belong. There should also be special counselling sessions offered in schools with children with such disorders.

The parents have a very great role to play in the management of this disorder. I would advise the parents to find an audiologist to give him the gadget in order to aid his listening. Ignoring him and trying to assume things are normal will only make things worse. The parent or guardian can only show only love and understanding at the least. Children with such disorders are very sensitive and if they see even the slightest signs of discrimination, it can easily frustrate the management process. The parents/guardian can arrange activities that will make the whole family participate.

They are also encouraged to use facial expressions and other movements that might aid in communicating. Booking the patient for a therapist is also a step in the management of the disorder. A therapist will help the patient in coping with the disorder. There are situations that are more serious and need a child be taken to special schools. The parent should ensure that he/she have gotten one for the patient. They should also prepare the child psychologically and make them understand that taking them in such an institution will make hearing and listening ability improve.

This should be done with caution as some children feel as if they are being separated and nobody wants them around. If it is a boarding school, the parents/guardian should make sure there are family gatherings so that the patient can feel that they belong. They may even take the other siblings (if any) to boarding schools in order to make the child feel comfortable (Maria, 2009). Constant assurances by the parents/guardians should be given to make the children feel loved, wanted and have a sense of belonging.

The community can be enlightened on the disorder in order to make life easier for the people who are affected by the disorder. They should be made to know that people/children with this disorder are not always retarded, have autism or mad. It is just that they are physically challenged but are otherwise like other normal children. Showing love and care doesn’t necessarily mean that one should give that sympathy look or the ‘I –pity-you’ look. This makes the person feel as if they are at people’s mercy and that it was very unfortunate they ended up that way (Geffner & Ross-Swain, 2007).

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