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Social Media Ethics Essay Sample

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Social Media Ethics Essay Sample

Moral principles that govern a person’s or group’s behavior   Schools of Ethics: §  Aristotle – holds the virtues are dispositions to act in ways that benefit both the person possessing them and that person’s society §  Kant – makes the concept of duty central to morality §  Utilitarianism- asserts that guiding principle of conduct should be greatest happiness or benefit of the greatest number.

C arrie James
Harvard research director on the GoodPlay Project § GoodPlay Project §  A study on the ethical sensibilities of the digitial youth §  Explores: §  Youth identity §  Privacy §  Ownership §  Authority §  Credibility §  Participation

Most young people are devoid of ethical thinking or consideration for others when using the web.   Solution Offered: §  Mentor young people to use social media for social good

THE TRANSFORMATION IN COMMUNICATION BECAUSE OF SOCIAL MEDIA   People have now become both the producer and consumer of information   News can be shared instantly online before it reaches the television   The judgment of communication is both positively and negatively affected   The value of face-to-face communication is lost   The ability to filter out and choose the type of messages one wants to receive or not

Nearly 9 out of 10 teens participate with social networking every day, with 70% indicating that they spend an hour or more a day.   The downside: §  40% do not consider reactions of college admission officers §  38% do not consider reactions of potential employers §  30% do not consider reactions of their parents

The upside:
51% had used social networking to promote causes §  44% had used social networking to help others §  33% had used social networking to create awareness for a cause

11% of all facebook photos are profile pictures   Statistical study has resulted that females upload more profile photos than that of males   Studies (unpublished and/or unapproved) have been made regarding the facebook profile photo §  Although lighthearted and seen as ‘silly’ entertainment; these studies have touched what people would stereotypically deem towards a certain picture §  See next page/slide to view example



How do you manage the following issues on:
§  Identity §  Privacy §  Ownership or Authorship §  Credibility §  Participation

  As part of the youth, what are you and other young peoples’ dominant ‘ways of thinking’ about new media?   Where/When/In What kinds of online situations do youth think ethically?

REFERENCES: Social Media Today Social Media Ethics: Why you should have a policy Steve James Mashable Harvard Study Finds Teens Online Lack Ethics Carrie James (Harvard Research Director) Jennifer Van Grove Guide to Digital Learning Teens, Ethics, and Social Networking Deloitte LLP 2009 Ethics and Workplace Survey Results Pixable; The Mary Sue Men vs Women on Facebook photo uploads Susana Polo Fast Company Facebook Images Doogie Horner

Total Facebook Users in Philippines
§  30,265,200

§  8 th in the world

  Penetration of the population
§  30.30%

  Penetration of online population
§  129.81%

A ge group 18-24 yrs – 11,762,500 users

4 8% Males  5 2% Females

27 Students
§ Total: 20,972 friends § Average: 806-807 friends § Least: 167 § Most: 2431

 M ales have a higher rate of status messages

 F emales have a higher rate of profile pictures  F emales have a higher rate of edited profile pictures  M ost albums publicly seen

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