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Complete the following chart to identify the purpose and structure of the various rhetorical modes used in academic writing. Provide at least two tips for writing each type of rhetorical device.

Rhetorical modePurpose

Explain when or why each rhetorical mode is used.Structure

Explain what organizational method works best with each rhetorical mode. Tips

Provide two tips for writing in each rhetorical mode.
NarrationTo tell stories..Chronological order.Understand the line between fact and fiction. Keep a human sense in mind.
IllustrationTo demonstrate something.Finding the paragraph to make your illustration on.Keep your illustration clear, but not “dumbed down”. Use more than just one illustration.
DescriptionTo make the audience fully immersed.Spatial OrderAvoid empty descriptions. Use details.
ClassificationIn the beginning of the writing, It gives the readers different views in a story.Break down a topic. Add interest and insight.
Process analysisTo explain how to do something and how it works. Chronological orderHave someone else read your work. Be clear.
DefinitionTo define something,Open with a general discussion of the term you will be defining. Avoid terms that are too simple. Think of concepts that you have a personal stake in.
Comparison and contrastTo illuminate subtle differences or unexpected differences.Starts with a thesis First know the critical point. The more divergent something seems, the more interesting a comparison will be. Cause and effect To determine how various phenomena are relatedStart with the cause Use the complex nature of cause and effect to your advantage. Be careful of resorting to empty speculation.

Persuasion To convince, motivate or move readers to certain points or viewsOrder your positive arguments.Try to persuade your audience instead of arguing your point. Make a positive case with your persuasive arguments.

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Select one of the topics below and determine at least one rhetorical mode that would be appropriate for addressing the topic you selected. Write 100 to 150 words explaining the topic you selected, the rhetorical mode, and why you think this mode is most appropriate for addressing your topic.

•Workplace proposal for a new initiative
•Arguing to change a law
•Building a new park in your town
•Climate change
•Profile of your best friend or a family member

I chose Pollution. I think that I would use the illustration essay as my rhetorical mode to address. I think illustration would be a great rhetorical mode because I could demonstrate how the effects of pollution are very harmful I would first write a paragraph explaining how animals could choke on the trash from the polluted parks. I would then draw a duck giving another duck the Heimlich Maneuver after chocking of a piece of trash next to a swing set. This would demonstrate how trash in parks could harm animals. I would then write a paragraph about how the pollution in the air could be harmful for your body. I would then have an illustration of a truck spitting out smoke but have the smoke green with a poison sign.

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