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Sony Corporation is a multinational conglomerate and is one of the leading businesses of electronic products. Sony’s basic principles in relation to corporate social responsibility is introduced in the Sony Group Code of Conduct, which is the basis CSR of Sony Group to the community to follow its corporate value improvement through innovation and established business practices. To approach this fundamental concept, Sony administers CSR activities with a focus on improvement in seven areas: management, environment, product responsibility, responsible sourcing, training and development, community engagement, and innovation. First, Sony’s management is dedicated to strong corporate governance. Not only does Sony comply with the conditions of appropriate governance laws and regulations, but Sony has also proposed its own requirements to help better the stability and transparency of its governance by fortifying the separation of the Directors’ role from that of management and achieving the proper functioning of the sanctioned committees. Therefore, the Board of Directors assigns respective areas for which each of the Corporate Executive Officers is accountable and entrusts to them decision-making authority to manage the business.

Second, Sony locations worldwide are taking steps towards a zero environmental imprint from the four views in their Road to Zero environmental plan: 1. Climate change: saving energy, promoting renewable energy, and green buildings 2. Resource conservation: product recycling, and returnable containers 3. Chemical substances: on-site control of chemical substances and 4. Biodiversity conversion: environmental education, forests on factory grounds, and groundwater recharge. Third, Sony’s product responsibility is shown through The Sony Pledge of Quality, which promotes decisive efforts to improve product quality, to enhance its performance in providing support customers to deliver, and to make it easier for people to use their products. Fourth, Sony is dedicated to accomplishing its responsibility to society as a corporate citizen by maintaining business partnerships with stakeholders, addressing issues connected to the environment, human rights, and labor, and initiative on paper obtainments. Fifth, Sony recruitment policy emphasizes appreciation for each individual’s different abilities, without regard to nationality, culture, race, gender, or the presence/absence of physical restraint. Also, Sony encourages employees to be aware of social issues and to participate in community projects and fundraising initiatives.

Sixth, Sony helps address the needs of communities around the world with the assistance of non-governmental organizations and international organizations, which focus on education, environment, international cooperation, and support for major disasters. Many of these organizations include the Sony Science Program, which is an educational program constructed for children to learn about the importance and rules of science, and the South Africa Mobile Library Project, which is Sony’s plan to bring books to children in remote areas. Seventh, Sony maintains to address the challenge of recognizing new potential through inventive technologies, services, and products and an enterprise of innovation that focuses on providing to society. For example, Sony developed an energy storage module that not only reduced energy consumption, but could also be used as backup power in the event of a power outage. These seven categories of Sony’s corporate social responsibility activities can contribute to construct a better reasonable society through sound business activities that can constitute strict trust from the stakeholders and strong business activities themselves, and Sony’s power of modernization the stakeholders anticipate. Such corporate social responsibility activities of each employee can comprehend the sustainable society and achieve Sony’s business value.

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