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1. Christianity

2. Early inventions

3. Asian Culture and Arts

4. Asian family


Jesus Christ Crucifixion

– 33% or 2.5 ml blood were lost

– 2-3 inches nail was used

– Calvary hill- skull hill (Adam’s skull was found)

– Cross- 1.5 tons/ 110 pounds

– Shroud of Turin (cloth)

– Via Dela Rosa- way of the cross

Way place

Jesus Christ

– Judea, Jerusalem( Rome)

Joseph- carpenter/ carpenterea (wood maker)

Catholic- universal

Christ- anointed one

Protestant- Martin Luther

Miracles of Jesus

29 yrs. Old- exorcism

33 yrs. Old- crucifixion

St. Peter- foundation of Catholic Church

St. Paul- spread Christianity in Europe

Church- Ecclesia (small community of people)

Hierarchal Organization of Catholic Church

Early Inventions

Chinese inventions:

1. Compass- pull of gravity

2. Kite

3. Seismograph- measure magnitude of earthquake and speed of wind

4. Stirrups- balancing of feet.

5. Practical umbrella- Chon dynasty by Royal family

6. I- Ching/ Yin Yang- Feng Shui

7. Zero- skip/ blank

8. Maritime discoveries

9. Abacus- old calculators

Muslim inventions:

1. Astrology- study of heavenly bodies

2. Astrolabe- attitudes of planets and stars

3. Cannon

4. Algebra

5. Natural medicine/ herbal medicine

6. Place value


1. 12- month calendar- phases of the moon

2. Farming tools

3. Weapons made in metal

4. Ziggurat- pyramids/ skyscraper

5. Compass- for creating circle

Asian Culture and Arts

Hangul- the most perfect system of writing

Bayanihan- a Filipino trait of kinship

Bunraku- Japanese puppet show

Pho- Vietnam noodle soup

Gagaku- Japanese court music

Shakuhachi- Chinese flute

Banb cuor- steamed rolled rice pancake

Batik- Indonesian painting form

Musyawarah- deliberation

Rukun- spirit of conciliation

Asian Family

Family- basic unit of society

Sraddha- a religious ceremony in which males of the family join collectively in commemorating their ancestors.

Confucian philosophy- emphasized the fundamental importance of the family

Joint family- an Indian family that shares in meals, in worshipping and in prosperity.

• Different Asian families are ruled by different culture, traditions and customs.

• Arranging suitable marriages for the children is one of the most important obligations of the parents.

• In communist China, the individuals are encouraged to think in the context of loyalty to the nation than to the family alone.

• Japans marriages are arranged not by individuals but by the family.

~Celine S. Sarmiento

Arch Bishops





To lay, to proclaim


They elect the next pope, 2nd highest to pope

Leads the Diocese

Leads the church

Assist the priests

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